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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Wednesday On The Patio

Israel got my periwinkle raised garden from Gardener's Supply put together. I got some of that stuff you unroll to keep weeds from growing and he layered it around all sides and the bottom to keep the soil from seeping out.
As you can see, I've added some of the plants that were in pots. Mostly hostas.

This clematis is still growing like its on hormones. There are quite a few buds that will open into flowers soon. 

This rabbit sits in the pot with the blooms for Easter.

I want to be out on the patio getting things done. But my ankle is not being very accommodating. So I've had to slow myself down. 
It is nice to go outside and just sit and think about what I want to get accomplished out there this year. I wish the temps could stay this way all year long!

My internet and that of my neighbors up and down here has been out most of the day. That means my phone and TV is out as well. Don't care about the TV, but never know when you might need the phone.

What's going on in your lawns and gardens? Do you have snow or blooms?
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. We're in teh 70's which is nice. We were in the 90's for a couple of weeks and that is way too early. Working on our lawn and flower beds, they are a mess. Your raised garden looks fabulous.

  2. The azaleas are blooming, as well as the flowering quince, daffodils, all bulbs, and camellias! (SC) It is all happening so fast! Even the Dogwood trees are blooming! I enjoyed your post about container planting for patios. I plant pots of red geraniums to place on my deck every year. I think I'll mix it up this year!

  3. My Daffodils have just started have my Azeleas. I have Hellebores blooming for a while. South central Missouri has been up and down in temps...70's today and 40's for highs tomorrow!

  4. Our Pear and Crab Apple Trees just finished blooming. My garden is requiring so much water with the wind and that surprise frost we had froze my tomatoes and nasturtiums- which I planted from seed!
    I will replant this weekend.
    Your patio looks great.

  5. It's so nice to see your patio with all it's greenery. Do you plan on growing any veggies in your new raised bed?

    I live in MA and the only thing blooming are the crocuses. Not very spring-like here yet. We had several inches of snow on Monday.

  6. Oh you are far ahead of us THOUGH here we've had a sigh of relief that despite two nights of freezes / frosts the daffodils etc that are in bloom have been ok. I think it is because while it got cold it warmed back up very quickly the next the trees and things that have budded or bloomed a good month earlier than usual seem to be ok.

  7. You have a very nice sized patio for an apartment dwelling, Brenda. The mornings have been rather chilly this week, but by afternoon, it's nice and warm with temps in the low-to-mid 70's. Daffodils, dogwoods, and azaleas have been blooming here. Spring and Easter is my favorite time of year.

  8. WAY too early to plant in Northern Ohio! But I enjoy seeing that others are thinking spring. I did not realize how large your outdoor area is. That is a really nice space!

  9. blooms and pollen....and lots of it. your clematis looks so pretty.

  10. you have such a wonderful space out there. Brenda. It's perfect size for you and the pupsters. There's something about just sitting outside in the fresh air, it calms and invigorates at the same time!

  11. Love all the color, Brenda! Fabulous!!

  12. I just love your patio full of plants, flowers and whimsical decorations. The wagon full of colored gazing balls is so cute! I really like your raised bed garden. The bright blue color compliments your colorful patio. I think you will really enjoy it! I hope that your ankle starts feeling better soon. I know you plan on being very busy this season.

  13. Your patio is so cheery, Brenda. We've been having wacky weather here in NJ - it's snowy one day, and warm the next. But all in all, it's been a mild winter, and an early spring. I can't wait to get back outside on my deck!

  14. I really like your periwinkle raised is so cheerful looking...I think I will paint my raised wooden beds this Spring..I know my tulips and daffodils are up and on their way..I will have to check on some others...It is so good to see your patio garden coming back to life!

  15. Our Bradford Pear trees are blooming all white and lovely right now, and the daffodils are up and unfurling their yellow that I love so much. We planted pansies in all of our pots and also some lettuce, of which we ate for dinner last night. Totally recommend lettuce grown in a pot near the back door, although we will also have lettuce in the garden. The forsythia bushes are brilliant yellow right now. Next month our azaleas will be blossoming, and I can't wait for the day lilies. Oh how I LOVE this time of the year.

  16. Hi Brenda, My Mom's huge red bud is blooming, as is my forsythia, spirea, jonquils and hyacinths. The back yard needs a LOT of work. My daughter is really into gardening so I know it will look great after she gets finished with it.
    What I wouldn't give for a privacy fence like you have. Maybe some the gazebo......LOL ! Your patio looks nice. I know you'll add all kinds of "pretties" in a while. Love to see pictures of your outdoor room.
    Enjoy your nice weather and take care of your ankle.

  17. Nothing blooming here yet except for the pansies I planted in pots. Lots of buds, though! We are expecting temps in the 60's today but I see next Tues a low of 17 predicted....eek, I'll have to put the pansies in the garage again! Your patio looks wonderful, Brenda - you are very lucky to have such a wonderful outdoor space!!

  18. Nothing blooming here in northern IL except lilac bushes, sedum, and tiger lilies. Much too cold to plant anything. Only in the 30's here these past couple of days and snow and sleet coming this afternoon. Love your raised bed.

  19. Much is blooming: azaleas, tulips, jasmine, lady banks, spirea, forsythia, the peach tree, pear trees around the neighborhood. Getting ready to bloom are lilies, wisteria, roses (some already open). Pollen is EVERYWHERE!

  20. I used a raised bed like your periwinkle one last year, and it was great. I do have a problem with neighborhood cats using it for a litter box. Any ideas how to discourage that? The only thing I have blooming are my fringe flower schrubs.

    1. I saw on a You Tube video that if you put rocks on top of your flower bed (small gravel or decorative rocks) that it discourages the cats. We have a raised rock flower bed along the front of our house and it is the entire neighborhood's cat litter box! they love it as the rain doesn't hit it so is always dry. I'm going to put some of that garden fabric down and then some pretty rocks on and hope that helps! good luck!

  21. Love all your pictures of flowers & envy those that have plants blooming. We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground here in Wisconsin where I live. Next week is suppose to warm up & hopefully melt this snow.

  22. Hi Brenda, love your patio! We are in the process of making some square ft gardens. I plan on having one with just salad stuff. I planted some flowers and herbs so far as I have shared them on my blog. That bunny in the Violets, (I think that they are violets anyway) He is super cute!I can see you will be having some garden fun Happy Easter! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' salty Air

  23. Hi Brenda, what is that tall gorgeous flower in with the bunny? Than bunny is also adorable.
    Happy gardening!

  24. I love seeing your plants + flowers. It snowed here today.😣 Kathy in Illinois

  25. I love seeing your plants + flowers. It snowed here today.😣 Kathy in Illinois

  26. That was attractive! Thanks for the extent interpretation! I even did an appraisal on my website! Why am I using squeal script all over the place!

  27. We don't have a patio and looking at your pictures for weeks now has me wishing I had one. I have an asparagus fern on my stoop and am heading to the nursery to look at some ideas for a fairy garden. I have enough room to pull that off. Thanks for your inspiration!

  28. The blue poppy is stunning! Do you know the cultivar/species name? Poppies ate usually single petaled so this one seems unusual. I have a small patio garden with dianthus and red salvia in bloom. It brings me much joy!


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