Woodward Park

It's been raining on and off all day. The skies have been gray since yesterday. Occasionally, I hear a crackle of thunder. I don't know why, but I love the sound of thunder.

My daughter and I took Andrew to Woodward Park on Saturday. I'll show you some of the park today, and more of Andrew tomorrow.

A frisky squirrel greeted us with swishing tail.

I showed Andrew some of the carved trees. They are full of animals of all woodland varieties.
But he's a busy boy, so he didn't take that long a look.

Amazing, the detail. Someone was very patient when they carved their artwork here.

Then off to see the koi in the many ponds. But Andrew just gave it a glance and was running off again, his mother chasing him.

I have a blog friend named Debbie who loves these sweet little pixie pansies.

More tomorrow...


  1. We always called those Pansies Johnnie Jump-Ups....I love them!

  2. It sure looks nice there! The flowers and carvings are charming!

  3. I love the carvings! When Tiger was that age he hardly looked at things just ran, but now he slows down some and notices things a bit more. Its also easier for Grandma to keep up with him!!

  4. The carvings are beautiful. Such detail! Going to the park with your daughter and Andrew is a lovely way to spend the day...

  5. How nice you got to spend the day with Andrew and your daughter. The tree carvings are amazing. Love the pansies too.

  6. I love a good thunder storm too. I like it as long as I know I'm inside safe from it. Sounds like you had a fun day with your daughter and grandson. Those wood carvings are really amazing! I'm always impressed to see things hand carved.

  7. Those carvings are splendid! Wouldn't they be wonderful to have in your own garden.
    I love thunder too and lightning as well. When all of the other kids were frightened by what sounded like the heavens being torn apart, I loved the sounds and wanted more. Even now, I'll take time to stop and listen to the thunder and hopefully watch the lightning. If I happen to fall asleep during evening storms, I seem to get the best sleep ever.

  8. Those carvings are so intricate and lovely!

  9. Love the carvings, Brenda. Beautiful place!

  10. I am intrigued by the carvings.Little boys are such fun...remembering my own busy boy! Of course that was thirty years ago. Sheila

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  12. Brenda, the carvings are amazing! Boys always seem to be busy, running and playing!

  13. Thanks for the sweet shout out, my friend! We call those tiny pansy like flowers violas....and the wild ones that pop up here and there around the property are Jonny Jump Ups. But I like your term - Pixie Pansies! Either way, they are lovely....as are those tree carvings - beautifully done!

  14. The carvings are beautiful! I can't remember how old Andrew is, but our grandson, Corbin, will be 5 on Monday and I know he would do the same, just a glance and then onto something else.

  15. What a cool park! I have never seen carvings like that.


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