Sunday On The Patio

We've been having fairly regular rain showers here lately. After all, "April showers bring May flowers!"

I just love watching flowers start to unfurl. Every new bit of growth is exciting to see.

This photo is a bit out of focus, but it's where Abi sits while I'm rolling around on my little cart tending to plants.

Goldilocks (the name I gave this cement head last year) is starting to sprout hair/golden pennies.

My metal lady is always "up in arms" over something. 

Alyssum is keeping the patio fragrant with its unique perfume. I just love these tiny little flowers.

What's happening on your patio, balcony, or in your gardens today?


  1. Hi Brenda, i havent commented before but i read your blog regularly. I just love your little metal girl with her arms up and Goldilocks is looking good :-) we have just had a few days snow but there are now signs of spring appearing in our garden. Roll on the warm sunny weather so i can get outside. X

  2. While shopping for herbs at Lowe's, I walked past several flats of alyssum and the fragrance was just lovely. Love your patio...

  3. Brenda,
    Just wanted to say, your blog always makes my heart sing!


  4. Brenda, what a great gardener you are....everything looks lovely. Love seeing Abi sitting in, what might be called, her chair.

  5. Morning Brenda! What's happening on my patio? You don't want to know. How about eight inches of fresh snow! I thought we were over winter but that's Colorado for you. I hope my tulips are okay under their blanket of snow.

  6. Brenda your blog is my all time favorite. Do the alyssum bloom all summer. I am a new gardener and I love your patio and plant information.


  8. So lovely...a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

  9. Everything is looking so nice, Brenda! I love how you can just poke flowers into any container and arrange the containers and it looks so nice! Abie looks like she's doing well!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Last Sunday we had 4" of snow. Today we have sun and 70 degrees. I am just happy my daffodils survived and I am hoping for good things for the tulips, too (although none have buds yet). You have such a lovely space!

  11. What's happening? Exciting news!! My first clump of daffodils finally had some blooms open.

    Today was just a perfect day weather-wise. We're to get a few more spectacular days this week (about 68°F) and then it will be back to highs of about 50 degrees during the day. That's a great start to the spring. Everyone is walking around with smiles on their faces doing their best yo enjoy nature's gift to us.

    I think Abi looks pretty snazzy perched in her chair. I took out a big cushion for my little Bear to lie on out in the sun. He loves it so!

    I think I'm going to plant some allysum towards the end of May which is when we plant annuals up here. The threat of night frosts are gone. Mum always planted it in her garden.

  12. Flowers are beautiful... Love your patio. Enjoy..

  13. My perennial purple salvia is blooming...Hosts are unfurling....I have a pink Weigelia blooming...tall bearded Iris are about a week away from blooming, also purple Alium ....Columbines are just starting to bloom....some Hecura and Hecuerella are starting to bloom..... love seeing your girlfriend out there with you!

  14. Your garden is beautiful. We here in Illinois had a warm weekend 70's. Cleaned up front +backyard. No plants til mothers day is my rule.

  15. Your flowers are lovely, what a nice way to spend a Sunday! Pineapples is whats happening in my garden... noticed the pineapple tops have baby pineapples growing. I always cut the tops off of pineapples and grow them in my gardens. Have a great week Lisa At Sweet Tea N' Salty air

  16. Your patio is so beautiful! Nothing much growing here yet, but we are finally past most of the freezing nights and have planted peas, onions, and carrots in the raised beds. I also found a beautiful rosemary plant at the farmers market Saturday and planted a small container of Johnny Jump ups for the back porch. Our last frost date isn't until the end of May so I have to hold back on a lot of flowers for a few more weeks.

  17. It all looks so beautiful. I wish my little tiny space was ready for spring. Karie

  18. Your plants are lovely! I need to get busy with mine. Love allysum, have some seeds to plant. I also want to plant sunflower seeds.


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