The Pupsters Get Their Summer Cut

Yesterday the pupsters got their summer cut. They came home with kerchiefs on. 

Abi's had a feather. She was not impressed with the finery.

They don't like having kerchiefs on, so I quickly got some photos and took them off.

Abi and her theatrics.

Solemn little Charlie.

The day before. Quite a difference, huh?


  1. Brenda,
    The pups are adorable. I've scheduled my rough haired collie for some grooming. Your garden & home are wonderful. Thanks for your lovely blog.

  2. They look so cute with their new summer cuts! I bet they'll feel better too. Luckily, my dog is short haired, so he doesn't have to go to the groomer.

  3. The pups are SO cute! And the photo of the floor rolling was really funny!

  4. I had my summer cut today. My hairdresser cut off 8 inches and I feel like a new woman.

  5. I really enjoyed these funny photos! The pupsters look simply darling in their new summer cuts. Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh...

  6. I love the second photo. Reads like "No,no, not a picture in this outfit" They both are the cutest!!!!

  7. They are just so adorable!!! Happy summer!!!

  8. They are just so darn cute! I know Miss Molly always looks so different when we bring her back from the groomers and she goes through the same theatrics that Abi does! Precious!

  9. Love the summer cut! It must feel so much better during the warm weather months to have a shave like that. Our pups always get a kerchief tied around the neck when they are at the vet's office, and I snap a quick photo when they get home and then take the kerchief off. They are so active outdoors and I am afraid they will catch it on something in the woods and hurt themselves. Perhaps I am being overly cautious, but better safe than sorry..... xo

  10. Summer cuts are very becoming to your pupsters, Brenda! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. They are just so cute!! This post made me laugh right out loud - that Abi rolling around, too funny! And Charlie's face...he looks so upset with that whole kerchief business!!

  12. I know they can't wait until the kerchiefs come off, but they sure look adorable with them. And without them, too!

  13. Adorable as always Brenda...What a difference indeed!


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