Industrial Style Decorating

At first I wasn't too sure about what we refer to as industrial-style decorating. But it has really started to grow on me. I like it coupled with farmhouse decor.

A cute coffee table with wheels.

Tweak It Tuesday #195

Last week on Tweak It Tuesday...

Best Photography
Thelma's Days - Landscape To The Sea

Kerry's French Quarter Apartment

Isn't this French Quarter apartment quaint?

Random Snaps At The Park

Six On Saturday

A mother redecorates her daughter's bedroom in bohemian style.

Questions To Ask When Buying Bedroom Furniture

This is a sponsored post...

Food Ideas For Memorial Day

Are the festivities at your house for Memorial Day this year? Are you going through your recipes trying to find something different to serve to your guests? Here are some great ideas!

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

Random Snaps Of My Day

Just a day in my life. An ordinary day. But every day is special in some way.

The water gardens are doing great. We've had a ton of rain. So they keep getting very full.

Java Talk: Someone Who Touched Our Lives

A sweet reader by the name of Nancy emailed an idea for Java Talk this week. She suggested that maybe we could discuss people who have positively affected our lives, since Memorial Day is right around the corner. 

Mail Woes & Other Juicy Tidbits

I was very surprised by something today. I found out yesterday that my FB account, once again, had been hacked. So I took measures to fix that. 

Today I get an email from Google asking me if I'd signed in with a Mac in the past hour. Well, no, I don't have a Mac, and so I email them back and said no. 

So I kept clicking the links and came to this...

Tweak It Tuesday #194

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Best Photography
My Cozy Corner - Bouquet Vignette

Alaina's Chicago Uptown Apartment

Last week I showed you Alaina's first apartment. This is her current one.

Never Say Never

I've decided that I need to stop using the word "never." Because it sometimes comes back and bites me in the butt. 

"I will never do this or that..."

Yeah, came back and bit me in the butt. 

I said I didn't want to read books on an electronic device. I meant it at the time. 

But then I got a great deal on a new Paperwhite Kindle, and I was in love. 

Six On Saturday 5/21/16

I am totally smitten with this old sewing cabinet redo!

Mexican Crock Pot Recipe

I forgot to take a photo of the meal, so I'm just throwing a graphic of bowls up there and calling it good.

A Walk At The Rose Garden

I love the rose garden at Woodward park. 

How I'm Dealing With My Dogs' Stress Issues

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adaptil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have two Yorkies, Abi and Charlie, both ten years old. 

They have stress issues, and have since they were puppies. I have tried various solutions people suggested to me over the years. None of them worked.

I finally tried Adaptil recently. 

The benefits of using this product is to create a calm and safe environment for pets. Many pet clinics use it in their exam room to soothe pets while they're being examined and treated. 

Adaptil is available through your veterinarian or a qualified pet behaviorist.

I sprayed Adaptil on a toy. Charlie and Abi love to sleep on that toy, as you can see below.

Creative DIY Team: Herb Projects

I'm introducing a new series called the Creative DIY Team today. The participating bloggers are: 

Cristina (Remodelando la Casa) 
Susan (Love Of Home) 
Cassie (Primitive & Proper)  
And me of course!

Each month we will be tackling a project to show you. This month's project is herbs.

Every year I grow many herbs. I've been an herb enthusiast since the early nineties. There are so many uses for herbs. And not just cooking!

10 Ways To Bring Cottage Style To Your Kitchen

Cottage decorating has been around awhile, but never seems to go out of style. I think that's because it's so cozy and comfy. 

Here are some elements of cottage style for your kitchen:

 Well-worn furniture with patina. Pieces that are showing some age.

Tweak It Tuesday #193

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Best Photography
The Charm Of Home - Afternoon Tea

Every Girl Co-Founder's First Apartment In Chicago

This may be a Alaina Kaczmarski's first apartment, but it doesn't look like the home of a novice to me.

Sunday On The Patio

Every year I plant the famous blue morning glories, and some pink ones as well, and they don't come up. 

How To Put Collections On Display

There are all sorts of collections. It can be anything that is close to your heart. Like this vintage radio display above.

Six On Saturday 5/14/16

I absolutely love this serene blue room!

On A Country Drive

Decorating Around TVs

I didn't think I'd ever want to put a TV in my living space, but I've changed my mind.

You know it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, don't you? 

So I've been scouring the internet looking for decorative ways to style around a TV.

I won't be showing mine until I figure out what I'm going to do! But I already had the TV in the closet, so no ding to my budget.

Java Talk: Easy 5 Ingredient (Or Less) Meals

Food is always a hot topic. We all must eat. I just don't have it in me to cook recipes with a long list of ingredients. I get tired just thinking about it. 

Creative & Cozy Outdoor Spaces

Making the most of your outdoor space extends your actual living space. Think 4th of July and other celebrations where the outdoors is put to good use.

Tweak It Tuesday #192

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Best Photography
Nitka Design - Food Styling

Charlie Update

Some of you have been writing to ask how Charlie is. So here is an update, as I did not post yesterday.

Nuria & Ricardo's Toronto Apartment

This is Nuria & Ricardo's apartment in Toronto.

A Sick Pupster

Poor Charlie threw up all night. This morning he couldn't seem to stop shaking. 

Six On Saturday 5/7/17

This cute idea truly floats my boat.

Frugal Crafty Ways To Decorate Your Home

There are so many crafty ways to decorate your home by embellishing what you already have.  

Do you have a plain shelf sitting around? 

My Art, My Masterpiece, My Gardens

I'm cooking a roast in the crock pot. The apartment is filled with the aroma.

It tastes better if I take it out of the crock pot, and then put it in the Breville for an hour. That somehow makes it more tender.

That and some veggies and iced tea will taste good tonight.

Java Talk: Morning Rituals

We haven't had Java Talk in some time. So today let's get some coffee or tea and chat.

Tweak It Tuesday #191

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Best Photography
The Freckled Rose - Spring Alliums

A Studio Apartment In Brooklyn

Margaret and Tim's studio apartment in Brooklyn is 650 square feet.

There's A Mouse In The House

Last week I found mouse droppings in my kitchen drawers. Everything came out and I will never use the drawers again. Israel laughs at me. He cleaned them and fixed a hole. He tells me it's fine to use the drawers.
Doesn't matter. I don't care.

Sunday On The Patio

We've had lots and lots of rain and thunderstorms lately.