A Studio Apartment In Brooklyn

Margaret and Tim's studio apartment in Brooklyn is 650 square feet.

It has concrete floors.

A wooden beamed ceiling.

And brick walls.

The kitchen looks new with stainless steel appliances.

This apartment is trendy, and I can see myself living there.

Would you like to live in this apartment?


  1. Brenda, I enjoy your small apartment series! This apartment has so much character with concrete floors, brick walls, and beamed ceiling. And I think Brooklyn would be an interesting place to live if I was much younger! Have a wonderful Monday! Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. Definitely yes, I could live here! Like the effective way they've used all the space. Really love the brick walls. Not too crazy about the location. I wouldn't like to live in Brooklyn.

  3. It's lovely!I would for sure live there. I check real estate listings all the time in that area, I would love to have a flat there in the city but prices are high and space is always limited. Love the exposed brick and floors. Thanks for sharing Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  4. Love the cool and eclectic vibe of this home!

  5. Those ceilings! And the brick wall! And they've really put their small space to good use.

  6. I would love to live in that! I love the kitchen cabinets!

  7. It is really well done for a space that size..I could if it was somewhere else...

  8. Fantastic utilization of space...love the decorating too...modern...simple. ..sophisticated...but not trendy....love the stone and wood...Brooklyn is a great borough in NYC...I was born there and it has always been interesting and dynamic! Lots of new shops...restaurants and young professionals too.

  9. I love this series! And I love this place. I could see myself and my husband living here in retirement. Perfect apartment.

  10. I love this, Brenda. First, my niece lives in Brooklyn, it's really an up and coming borough and perfect as she works in Manhattan. And then my Abby and her guy recently moved to an apartment in Chicago--not sure of the square feet but it's very small. This would be great for her to read to see some of the storage ideas. I really love those cabinets! I could live in a small space like this alone but definitely not with my husband or a roommate. I need my 'alone' space!


  11. This is a lovely apartment Brenda. I really like those brick walls, they add so much texture to the space.


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