Creative & Cozy Outdoor Spaces

Making the most of your outdoor space extends your actual living space. Think 4th of July and other celebrations where the outdoors is put to good use.

No matter whether your space is a yard, a porch or patio, deck or balcony, use that space to the fullest.

And then of course there is mine...

A patio behind an apartment in the city. 

Do you have a favorite?



  1. I never get tired of seeing your pretty patio and all your flowers, with all the changes you make in this area. It looks so relaxing and inviting. I hope you are having time to spend many hours outside. Such a beautiful area to enjoy in a busy city.

  2. Yours Brenda.Love that yours was done over time & its so warm & welcoming. Unique items.

  3. Love, love all the outdoor spaces.. Everyone of them, are so lovely. I just love that you have done yours on a budget [but it doesn't look le it... you did a great job =and each thing you do , it gets better and better..
    I have a front porch.. and we are so enjoying it.. When we moved, the house is much smaller, but with the porch to hold lots of sitting areas.. it really helps.. I also have a big wide/long hall , that has become a used area..

  4. I can't wait until the work on my deck is done and I can get things back in order! I miss my outdoor space and it's such a mess right now I don't want to be out there at all!

  5. I love yours very much! It's a beautiful, relaxing oasis. Plus it was done very creatively on a budget!

  6. Brenda,
    Your patio looks so "together." My deck looks like a hodge podge in comparison to your cohesive and beautifully styled patio.



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