Frugal Crafty Ways To Decorate Your Home

There are so many crafty ways to decorate your home by embellishing what you already have.  

Do you have a plain shelf sitting around? 
Add some uniqueness to it with vintage yard sticks, and you have a work of art to hang on your wall.

Is there some leftover wallpaper in a drawer? 

Decoupage a piece of furniture and completely transform it. Hanging a decoupaged drawer above it really gives this project true pizzazz.

I know I have some old knobs in the closet. 

Get them out, look in the garage for some wire, and use your creations to showcase favorite photos.

I think it would be fun to print out favorite quotes and showcase those as well.

You can turn your jewelry into art too! All you need are frames and/or a shelf. 

You can hang the jewelry in the frame's open space. Or you can add some cork board inside to hang your pretties. 

Or if you don't have cork board, look around your home for something to cut to size, and then cover it in fabric to put inside the frame. It would help if you had some padding too, like quilt batting, etc.

Do you like to collect sea shells? 

Dig them out and place them in some sort of clear glass container, like this old aquarium, where you can see and enjoy them every day.

Got an old empty window frame out in the garage? 

Bring it in and use it to show off botanical prints or whatever your heart desires.

Adding a clock is the icing on the cake. Setting up a vintage vignette underneath completes the look.

All you need for this craft are pillows and costume jewelry. Just look how the jewelry gave that pillow instant glam!

Use old clock faces hung by ribbon to create framed art. 

If you don't have old clock faces, print out some vintage clip art clock faces from the internet and print on thick card stock.

Have you created something uniquely yours with bits and bobs lately?

(All photos courtesy of the website)

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  1. Brenda, love all these crafty ideas! I am drawn to the old knobs with wire to hold pics, quotes, etc! I am not a DIY'er, but I am thinking that I might this a whirl! Happy Friday! Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. I love all of these ideas, Brenda! I really love the old knobs with the wire and the frame with the old clock faces. Now to be on the hunt!

  3. So many ideas I can see myself using!

  4. Some great ideas. Thank you. I am going to do the pillow right away.

  5. These are all great ideas, Brenda. I love the idea of recycling things we already have. xo Laura

  6. Brenda, I really must start doing more crafty things -- it's been a while. I like the door knobs!

  7. Lots of wonderful creative ideas here! Thank you for sharing these great images. Happy weekend Brenda!
    Helen xox

  8. I love the idea of using an old aquarium for shells. Great ideas.

  9. Love all of these fabulous ideas! So pretty, and an added bonus that they are frugal decorations! Sharing on my blog FB page! :) Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day! ~Rhonda

  10. Those are such unique ways to decorate! I love that they would be easy to replicate.

  11. I love windows so I really love the way this one is jazzed up with the prints and clock.The aquarium with shells is really awesome, too!


  12. I love every single one of these ideas! I've been hunting for an old fish tank to display shells in. I want a pretty small one though.


  13. Great projects...I love the aquarium full of seashells..and the decoupage drawers!

  14. I already painted a dresser. I'm now going to use scrap book paper and antique paperto make it look like vintage wallpaper. Love that idea. All photos are inspirational.Thank you.

  15. I like the idea to frame a cork board to display jewelry. I have a few pieces of my mother's costume-type jewelry that I've kept and this would be a good way to display them. Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  16. Thanks for the great ideas, Brenda. I appreciate you and your blog.


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