How To Put Collections On Display

There are all sorts of collections. It can be anything that is close to your heart. Like this vintage radio display above.

A gathering of favorite things placed under glass.

I have some vintage rolling pins myself.  

I love how these post cards are so creatively displayed.

A prized milk glass collection.

Pyrex, etc.

A vintage kitchen collection so cleverly displayed.

I love how these old hankies are gathered in this jar.

A double collection: old bottles with feathers.

Sea shells collected while at the beach.

Do you have a prized collection in your home? How do you display yours?


  1. What beautiful collections. Love the rolling pins, and also he white milk glass items.
    I have a small collection of milk glass myself.. And I have a curio cabinet full of Christmas
    music boxes.

  2. When collections are displayed together well...they become art. Love all of these wonderful collections. And yes, I might have a collection...or two.

  3. My favorite is the vintage radio collection..I collect anything vintage that I see and can't live

  4. I collect too many things to count. But one of my favorites is antique baby bottles.

  5. What a great idea for the seashells and sand. I love the beach and have a glass bowl full of sea shells myself. And I also liked the picture of the Pyrex bowl collection. Pretty fabulous collection.

    1. My sister in law has a collection of sand from every vacation... whether it's the beach, the desert or the mountains. She just takes a small glass jar with her and fills it about 1/2 way. Each one is labeled.

  6. I collect too much stuff! I like silver, and most of those pieces are in a glass cabinet. I like seashells, and some summers I pub them in bowls or baskets around the house. I have books everywhere, and I am in dire need of some more shelves. Or just rid of some books, which is hard for me.

  7. I love the blue bottles with the feathers in it. I also like the one from MMS using the cloche. I don't have many collections (unless you consider pillows a collection - Ha!). I do have a lot of white serving dishes. So, maybe that would count. I have them displayed in my kitchen and dining room.

  8. I love these!! That colored glass collecting is amazing...and the feathers! Love!!

  9. What fun display ideas.

    I have a glass jar that I have been trying to decide how to use and now I know I am going to put a few things inside it.

    thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I collected old skeleton keys, antique clock keys, skate keys, safe keys, etc... all now in their new home. I filled an antique printer's wooden tray and it is quite the conversation piece.


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