My Art, My Masterpiece, My Gardens

I'm cooking a roast in the crock pot. The apartment is filled with the aroma.

It tastes better if I take it out of the crock pot, and then put it in the Breville for an hour. That somehow makes it more tender.

That and some veggies and iced tea will taste good tonight.

The raised garden bed has filled up quickly. I love to bring different colors to shade garden, for few flowers will bloom here.

A little further down in that garden, where it gets more sun, the herbs are doing well.

"All gardeners live in beautiful places, because they make them so." - Joseph Joubert


Look at this flower that appears to be tucked inside the angel's wing.

The geranium plant is so elegant. At first the blooms bow down, as though at the end of a play or performance.

Then suddenly in a day or so I'll look again, and they will have turned the blooms to face the sun.

I became a gardener at an early age. I've never stopped being awed by the seasonal changes nature bestows upon us. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

I am not an artist. I can't draw worth a darn, or paint landscapes. But I can create a garden.

He sits out here to remind me to pause and relax. To sit down and gaze out at the patio and the gardens I've created. 

And to be thankful for what I have.

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." - Claude Monet


  1. Your garden is a work of art, bring such beautiful colors and textures together, and in such a harmonious fashion. I love seeing it!

  2. Art comes in many forms. You have definitely found your medium. xo Laura

  3. You do create a lovely garden Brenda. The textures, colors and composition are always so soothing.

  4. Oh so pretty. You do know how to create a fabulous garden.

  5. Like you, I can't paint or draw worth a lick. But my art comes in other forms: gardening, decorating, cooking, photography and writing. You are artistic in many ways, too! Just as a little side note, this post had a hard time loading on my laptop and it kept pausing/refreshing. I know it's not my laptop because it's a new one, plus I haven't had any problems with anyone else's blogs. I think it's because you have a video ad in the middle of this post.

  6. Your cup runneth over with creativity and style, Brenda. Your roast sounds delicious!

  7. Enjoy your wonderful garden, my lovely, it spreads out such a soothing atmospehere !
    Thank you for sharing such a great post, dearest Brenda, enjoy your day, today, and have most wonderful days to come,
    with gratitude

  8. Beautiful photos of your beautiful garden, Brenda. You are an artist with the way you take great care and planning in your garden. I can almost smell your roast here, but then again, I think that might be the chicken breasts in our oven I smell!!

  9. Yes, ma'am! You can certainly make a garden and make it beautiful! Love seeing all of your plants and accessories in your gardens.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Your gardens are always beautiful.

  11. Gorgeous, as always!!! What's the blue flower? I think that's the volunteer from last year that I can't identify - it popped up out of nowhere in a pot I moved over from my rental - probably planted by a critter or dropped by a bird. It's lovely!!

  12. And we love your garden too Brenda...Thank you for sharing it's beauty with us...

  13. Your garden looks beautiful. and the roast sounds so good.


  14. Your garden is so lush and beautiful; I love all the whimsical touches, too. Truly a work of art, Brenda!

  15. Your garden and your decorating are your art and you do them exceptionally. Thanks for sharing.

  16. It is so important to take time to enjoy what you've created, isn't it? I've had to start leaving my cell phone inside when I go outside to the patio with the dogs. Otherwise I'm looking at it instead of around me at the tall pines and palms that sway in breezes from the ocean that are the backdrop for my new garden. It's a garden I've never worked in but the first week here I went to buy herbs to pot up because container gardening will be all the gardening I'll do here as we'll be moving again, to a smaller place, within a year.

    And I'll take my herbs with me, unlike all the pots I had to leave behind in TN. But that's okay as a sweet young woman is now breathing new life into our old gardens.

  17. I'm so glad you have a beautiful garden again Brenda. I know it means the world to you.

    Happy Thoughts of Home. We are so glad you joined us. :)

  18. Love, love your pretty ... And supper sounds really yummy.


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