Six On Saturday

A mother redecorates her daughter's bedroom in bohemian style.

Isn't this wall art display intriguing?

I find this piece of furniture to be so interesting.

I really like these elegant garden plant markers.

I am quite enamored with the clean straight lines of this coffee table.

I love the idea of this bed swing.


  1. I'm loving that sunburst mirror!

  2. Brenda, the bed swing is perfect!

  3. Beautiful features Brenda! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your Saturday... ~julie

  4. It would be so fun to have a bed swing! I like the things that attract you.

  5. Love it... I agree the garden markers are so cute.

  6. The design ideas are fresh and pretty--love the herb markers. Have a great weekend.

  7. Very pretty bed. Like the soft colors.

  8. Love the Bohemian room...and the black lacquer Asian furniture..My nephew lives in Washington state..his wife is Korean and that is the kind of furniture they have..The swinging bed looks so comfy!


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