A Bevy Of Horses

I love to photograph horses and cows. Today I will show you some of the horses I've photographed.


  1. Lovely! Great shots,thanks for sharing. Rhonda

  2. Your photography is fantastic.. The horses are beautiful. Will you frame any of them? Have a great week.

  3. What a delight when I looked at this post this morning. We live in central Kentucky, right in the middle of horse country, and just last night my husband and I drove out among the horse farms to find some subjects to sketch. We are rather mediocre artists, but the horses are just so fun to watch and sketching them is a good stress reliever after a long day. We passed several farms of skittish, aloof Thoroughbreds and then found about a half-dozen horses of various shapes, sizes and breeds in the same field. They must have been beloved pets, because they didn't run off the way the Thoroughbreds tend to do, but instead seemed to want to put on a show for us. They all came closer to the fence to inspect us, then began doing silly things like nipping and chasing each other, and one came up and began rubbing his big behind against a fence post to get a good scratch. I took some photos to use for sketching later, because those clowns wouldn't keep still long enough for us to get much sketching done. Your photos are a pleasant reminder of the fun we had watching those characters. Thanks!

  4. You are such a talented photographer! Gorgeous photos!

  5. I love photographing horses and cows too, though I rarely do so even though they're in abundance where we live. Apparently you have access to many as well. Lucky us!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love horses!


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