A Small Apartment In Norway

This is where Mariana and Manuel and their cat, Bamboo, live in Oslo.

It is 525 square feet.

They've rented this space for 2 years.

They like things minimal, but liven the apartment up with house plants.

They have a tiny balcony.

Could you live in this apartment?

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy


  1. I would need some coverings for the Windows when I needed privacy.

  2. I really like it but my claustrophobia might get to me after a while...

  3. Love this apartment. Looks spacious!

  4. My husband and I lived in 420 sq ft for years with no trouble! I would have trouble doing so again only because I couldn't give up my books, but small spaces are lovely and cozy.

  5. I really love this apartment, Brenda. It goes to show that keeping things spare and adding organic elements makes things look alive and fresh. Trying to get my daughter to add some plants to her apartment. ;-D


  6. I adore all that natural light, esp. the french window in the bedroom! I live in a studio with only one window, which is its only downside. Living small rocks! The clever tables arranged with stacked books and plants are a great idea I would like to copy. Bamboo looks like my orange tabby, Snickety, who has a white neck ruff, too. Anyplace is home where he is!

  7. I like it, although it is a little stark for me, I would want more color. It is doable size wise, the little house we downsized to is not much bigger. I love Bamboo! What a pretty kitty he or she is. Funny how a pet can make anyplace feel like home....


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