Java Talk: Pet Stories

I love to read or hear pet stories. The sillier the better. Pets have such unique personalities. 

Like my Abi. She's a diva and a vixen all at the same time. And she's very jealous. 

She does everything she can to keep Charlie from getting a bite to eat, but he isn't losing any weight. So I guess he's somehow getting around her. You know he's down to 2 teeth... 

My Charlie is a sweet boy. He likes to be underneath his blankie. Sometimes he accidentally gets sat on. What I think is a fluffy blanket is sometimes Charlie. Somehow I've never hurt him.

Abi talks. I'm not quite sure what she says. But lately she turns on the tricks at bedtime. 

She waits until I turn the lights off for the night. Then she stands in the dark hallway and starts making odd Abi sounds. 

She ups the ante if I don't respond. 

So I say something like: "Where's my girl???" (Add in a lot of inflection and modulation. Just talking to her normally does not work. She wants some theatrics thrown in.)

After I respond, she says something else, usually in a little bit higher tone and pitch. Which means she's winding herself up like a top all ready to twirl.

After we go back and forth with this and I basically beg her to come to bed, she will run up the doggy steps, letting me know what a prize I've just won by the way she acts. 

Charlie just plops himself down and starts snoring. 

I've added a funny YouTube video for your amusement. It upset Abi terribly to hear the video. She sat in the floor and cried, head cocked in consternation, during the whole thing. Charlie just slept next to me.

So how about some pet stories???


  1. I love your stories. I love talking dogs. Our little Hank talks and cries. He is obsessed with TV. He barks at the dogs, Al Rocker
    and elephants. Sometimes we have to turn the TV off.

    1. That's hilarious! I wonder why Al Rocker?

  2. Animal stories are the best! I have had tons of pets over the years, in all different varieties, so I have a lot of stories!! They're always good for a laugh!

    1. Humans can't do anything near as funny as animals!

  3. How cute ... Your Pupsters are so adorable. Love Abis
    My husband worked for the park service, he had to go into the peoples houses on the Trace and work on
    them..One lady had 2 small yorkies.. He said, they were so cute.. They loved to watch tv. She left the tv on , while she went to work.. He said , when he went in, they would run down the little steps at the bed, to check and see what he was doing. Then once the saw it was just him, They would run back and watch tv.. The lady told him. They would cry if she turned off the tv.. and the LOVED game shows.haha

  4. Oh our pets and their antics! Charlie was such a character and made me laugh all the time. We had a fish screen saver(many years ago) and he would sit in front of it and watch the fish swim back and forth. Makes me smile to think of him. I know you love your pups like I loved my Charlie.

  5. I almost spit out my water I was laughing so much at that dog video!!

  6. When my white boxer, Rocky, wants what I am eating, he bumps me with his nose to get my attention then he looks me in the eyes, glances at the food, looks in my eyes, food, eyes, until he gets some! It is so wonderful that he figured out this unique way to communicate with me!


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