Make Your Own Wall Art Cheap

Scraps of paper are elevated to new heights.

I love this. A branch laid down and spray-painted around.

Got buttons? Then you can create this one.

Want to show off some recent photos?

Using a stencil, you can make this work of art.

Paper scraps to unique wall hanging.

I think this one is very clever. Wood and words and little clips.

You don't have to go out and buy artwork for you walls. Create them yourself!

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  1. I love the branch laid down and sprayed around. So simple and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Brenda!

  2. Great ideas! There's so much satisfaction out of making something like this yourself.

  3. They are all so creative. I love the branch one!

  4. Brenda, this is a FABLOUS article....I picture you doing the sprayed branch art work....even in red. Thanks

  5. Some great ideas. Thanks for sharing Brenda.

  6. I love these wonderful ideas! I might try creating art with my large button collection!

  7. Great ideas for wall art! Thanks for sharing...very inspiring! :) ~Rhonda

  8. These are really cool, Brenda. I'd really love to do the first one. Thanks!


  9. They are all super creative, but I think my favorite is the tree. Heaven knows I have more buttons than I know what to do with! I imagine one could make it more 'glamorous' with blingy buttons too.

  10. I love all of these ideas! I'm thinking my artistic 12 year old granddaughter would enjoy doing some of these with me this summer too!

  11. How fun... Love the leaf pretty. Would be fun to do with granddaughters. Have a great weekend.

  12. Really cute ideas. Love the button one. People are so darn creative!

  13. I've got to find me a nice branch with leaves...I love that button tree...these are all interesting ideas!


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