Six On Saturday 6/18/16

Things that caught my eye online this week...

If you think a penthouse is the "height" of luxury, take a look at this three room suite in the sky on Etihad Airlines

Designed for a party of two, the apartment boasts a living room, separate bedroom, and an a ensuite bathroom. Now that's traveling in style!

I think this kitchen is beautiful.

How about some frozen melon margarita pops?

This is gorgeous!

This caught my eye.

I like this dining room themed "from the sea."


  1. Wonderful Six on Saturday choices. I absolutely love the kitchen! Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

  2. Loved touring the suite in the sky and the melon margarita pops look delicious. Perfect for these hot summer days! Enjoy your weekend, Brenda!

  3. I'm loving that dining room..those awesome shells and the table and chairs!!!

  4. What lovely décor.. Liked all of them.. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely eye candy to round out the week! Thanks for sharing Brenda!


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