Six On Saturday 6/4/16

I've been in love with this potting shed from the moment I set eyes on it.

Can you just imagine the fragrance of these hydrangeas as you walk down the path to the water?

I'm seeing deer everywhere these days. From blog headers to decor. So why not the nursery?

Love the colorful pattern of the chair seats.

This is the very essence of beauty.

Imagine soaking in this gorgeous tub while gazing out at the snow.


  1. always find the best posts to share with us. Thank you so much! I'll take 1 potting shed please ! : )

  2. Could that potting shed be more adorable? Great posts! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. All such lovely sights to see on this gray Saturday for us. Thanks for cheering us up.

  4. Brenda, I don't think there's ever been a photo you've shared that isn't JUST PERFECT! You are truly talented !!!!

  5. Love the inspiration, Brenda! Have a wonderful day! Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. I love that potting shed and I really enjoy how she changes it so often so that we can all drool at once when we lay our eyes on it! Whew, that was a mouthfuls...have a great weekend, Brenda ��

  7. It's so hot here today, I would love to take that walk to the beach.

  8. I have such hydrangea envy. I wish mine looked like that!

    1. You and me both. I can't even keep them alive long enough to see them bloom!

  9. Such beautiful images...the white hydrangeas are so gorgeous and I too love that potting shed!

  10. What is going on with you lately, Brenda? How is your ankle problem? Are you still able to get out and about to any antique malls or out for a McDonald's chocolate drink? How is Isreal's petition to become a citizen coming along? I remember you mentioning once that you were doing a lot of the online work for him...Are your sweet pups okay?

    While your posts are always beautiful, I am more concerned about how you are managing.

  11. Oh what beautiful things.. Love all of them.. The chairs are so beautiful with the white table.. Love it.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  12. The potting shed is drool worthy to be sure!!! I love love love the nursery! It kind of reminds me of my daughters nursery but hers was roses and bunnies. Pretty sure if she could pick she'd chose deer & roses!

  13. I love the colors of that potting shed. I would never have thought of using a deer head in the nursery, but it works. All the eye candy...

  14. You know that potting shed stole my heart as soon as I saw it!!

  15. A feast for the senses, Brenda. Thank you for brightening my evening.


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