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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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The New Changes In The Living Room

I have some new things to show you. About two months ago, my chaise on my couch broke. I put wood pieces underneath, but it was still off. And it being off made my hip hurt. 

So, being on the last month of paying off some long term bills, I went to Ashley furniture and opened an account, to be paid off before any interest is charged.

Here's what I got...

A faux-leather couch and chair. I was only going to buy the couch. But then I came home, got online, and looked at the couch there. It was priced $200 something less online. So I phoned them and told them.

To get them to take that amount off, I said I'd buy the chair if they'd throw in the ottoman. The couch actually ended up being cheaper than the other one I had that cost $599.

Where did that one go? Well, Israel and his family found a house to rent, so I sent some new-to-them things along for their new-to-them home. I purged my closets once again and Israel ended up having to hook up his trailer to take it all!

I've been holding off showing you the sweet deal I got at Kirklands. The framed cows in the pasture was half off when I went in. It was kind of odd, because I have only been in there once I think.

On that particular day, all the framed prints were 20% off of the half price. They said if I'd open an account, they'd take another 15% off my purchase. 

So I ended up getting that huge thing for 85% off! I was thrilled, because I just loved it. 

I found this unfinished table at Wayfair. I painted it French Blue. It is 32 inches by 32 inches. I was very particular about the size, because I didn't want to overwhelm the small space.

This beloved cow painting went over to another wall in the living room. I'm still in love with it!

Charlie didn't like it that I moved the chair from in front of the window. But now that summer has arrived, it was just too hot being that close to the window.

So I made him a soft cushioned spot on the trunk so he can look outside.

I framed some of my own photos a few months ago. These two are on either side of the Kirkland's cows in the pasture.

I already had the frame and mats. The cost of having the two photos done at Walgreens was $3.99 each.

Here's a wide angle view of the little dining space adjoining the living room. Of course Abi manages to get into most photos.

Charlie is over in his spot where he looks out the window.

So this is what I have been working on the past few months.
Brenda Pruitt
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  1. This is just so wonderful, cozy, bright and just makes you want to walk in put your feet up and soak it all in. Love it!! Amazing as always, and the doggies are just so sweet.

  2. It is a whole new look. I really like it. I think it makes your home look larger. All the colors work. I like all the cows. A little country in the city.
    I always like my feet up. Our recliner would not recline. It was uncomfortable unless you just sat. We just replaced it. I don't think the store clerk or my husband could change my mind. I saw this faux leather gray chair and a half that is electric to recline. I love it. Room for the dogs and me. My grands like sitting in it together.

  3. Oh, Brenda, I LOVE all of it!!! You have transformed your home yet again and it just keeps getting better and better!! Beautiful additions and you are so good to Israel!!

  4. Love your new look! The picture shows all the pretty colors and textures in the room. The cows are fabulous and your photos look great all framed and hung up. Great price on your picture from Kirkland's.

  5. So nice Brenda. Love the new picture over your new couch. Very pretty. Glad you could be savvy and save so much to get all of this. Wonderful.

  6. Love all of it!!! It looks so nice and comfy too!!! Enjoy, Janie

  7. I LOVE it!!!!! It's so 'country' and absolutely cozy!! You have such a way of putting things together, Brenda....your home is warm and welcoming and I'm so glad you have a lovely place to spend your days. I'm sure Israel is delighted with all the goodies you sent his way and I'm glad he found a place to rent, also!

  8. Brenda, As usual your apartment is incredibly beautiful and welcoming. I have never had a knack for decorating. If I wind up with something that looks good, it is purely by accident. "I'll just shove this over here until I figure out what to do with it." Later, "Hey, that looks really good there. I think I'll leave it." LOL The best decorating I've ever done was simply to copy a picture of something I like. I might just have to copy some of your wonderful ideas. I hope that's OK. I think it is great that you shared your still beautiful things with Israel and his family. Now I'm going back to the top of the page to look at all your pictures again. Thanks Brenda.

  9. How nice that you were able to give Israel some items to help him get started in his new rental. I'm sure he appreciates it.

  10. Love the new sofa and chair and it fits perfectly in your living room. Everything looks so nice.

  11. Again you have outdone yourself. I love the soft mix of colors, it is so you! And that chair looks so comfortable!

  12. Beautiful and wonderful are the first words that come to mind.
    Wish I had your talent and confidence to decorate my home.

  13. I just want to let you know I think you are one amazing women. I always LOVE your emails. You are so kind to share with Israel and his family. You are both blessed to know one another. Everything looks great and thank you for sharing.

  14. Brenda, you do have a pretty little place. It's so YOU and it shows.

  15. Looks wonderful! I may go out shopping soon too ;)

  16. Your room is very cozy. Bentley doesn't like it when I move things around either. He watches every move with a skeptical eye. By the way, I have never been to Kirklands. Maybe I need to check it out!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. Love it, love it. As always, you have made it look so comfortable and very homey. Love to see all your projects. So nice giving Isreal and his family your other new set.

  18. The new chair and couch are great looking. And what a deal you got on the cow! You never cease to amaze me with your decorating. I'm sure Israel was thrilled.

  19. I think that is the best 'view of the whole room' picture you have ever shared. Love all the changes, what a lot of hard work and what a great success. I am so glad you posted about your wonderful changes today. Hugs.

  20. Brenda, you got some great deals! Love the new furniture and the cow print from Kirklands is a perfect addition! The room is very welcoming and fits you and the pups! Pam @ Everyday Living

  21. Brenda, you've made such a lovely home. I love your changes, and the cows are delightful. Great job!

  22. It all looks so nice, and colorful, which I love! What a lovely, cozy and comfortable looking home you have, Brenda. And so sweet your little dogs have their own spot to sit and look out the window.

  23. That chair looks like one I could sink into and fall asleep...I love what you have done looks more spacious and open..What great bargains you got!

  24. Brenda, the room looks so good and once again we are all wishing that we were blessed with your talent to make everything look just right. Blessings to you and the pups! Carolyn in Florida

  25. I want to sit in this room and sip lemonade in one of your pretty glasses.

  26. Your room looks great! Furniture looks cozy and the pups should be happy with the New windowseat. You have been a busy lady! Sheila

  27. Brenda I really like the new furniture and how open the room looks now. That coffee table is perfect. Fun that you got that cow print at such a bargain! Nice to hear that Israel and family got a new place also and that you had stuff to give them. I am going to continue some downsizing once I heal up from this surgery!

  28. Love your new sofa and chair. And Charlie's windowseat is a smile maker. Your framed photos are awesome. I adore the marbles in the Mason jar!

  29. It looks great, Brenda. I am shopping for a new chair and ottoman. Lots of sales coming up this weekend so maybe I will find something I can afford. xo Laura

  30. Hi Brenda, love it all...the new furniture is beautiful. Love the idea that you put your quilts in the mix. The red checked curtains go so nice with the bright colors, it is a happy place. What a nice pet mom making a comfy window place for the pups, so nice. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' salty Air

  31. Kirkland one of my favorite stores. Your house is country chic.Love it.

  32. Breanda, I love it.. The room looks larger.. And the cow picture is just perfect.. The blue table is adorable.
    Proud Israel found a house.. Hope he will still live close enough to you, to help you with the task of putting things together, etc. Best wishes to him.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely living room. The pupsters are adorable.

  33. Looks good, Brenda - enjoy your new furniture!

  34. Your living room update is perfect! And so are your little friends...

  35. I think your home décor is becoming more about what makes you feel comfortable and at home and less about what makes a good vignette. That is meant as a huge compliment. Over the years you have had some lovely and delightful displays in the various places you have lived, but they seemed to originate more from the desire to create something to look at rather than to be something to live in. The longer you live in this little apartment, the more your home takes on the look of a place you enjoy being in. Your experiment with the boho look was good because I think it got you to really think about just what makes you feel like you. Being you seems to be about being in a serene, comfortable, casual environment that is not too fussy with displays and in colors that appeal to you even if they aren't the trend at the moment. I like it that the only two really trendy items in the room, the pillows on the couch, have graphics that go well with the bold yet old-fashioned graphic of the quilt draped on the chair. And, all three items can be moved around, or totally removed from the room and replaced with a different look. The tiny touch of yellow in the corner of the living room goes with the yellow in the dining room. The soothing French blue of the table is a nice place to rest the eye. The cow décor has been done really well, not too cutesy or like a steakhouse. Your photos of the barn and the black cow are really good -- the barn photo is cropped so well to focus on the intriguing window -- never saw a double-hung window in a barn before! -- and the strands of barbed wire are like a frame within the frame. The black cow is such a formal, no-nonsense gal, who seems ticked off that you caught her eating before she had a chance to use her napkin. I would buy those photos and I am sure that many others would too. Please consider a side business of selling your photos! You are displaying some of your best creativity ever in this version of your cozy little house.

  36. Again a wow for your living space. You always amaze me with your decorating. Being a former Texan with cows for years, the cow pictures and prints are perfect in my book.

    Thank you for your kindness toward your friend Israel. I am so glad that you have blessed your friend in many ways.

  37. Brenda, I'm so happy for you! Your new furniture is soooo pretty and looks so good in your space! Beautiful vignettes!!! I want a chair and ottoman like yours, I think it's good to get your feet up. Again, congratulations on making a beautiful room and not spending a fortune!

  38. Such a cozy and inviting space, Brenda! I have to say that your framed cow and barn photos are amazing. I like them more than the framed cow print you purchased. You have such a great eye thru a lens. So very nice of you to provide Israel and his family with the items you gifted. A true friend!

  39. Nice job!
    You really have a special talent/skill for decorating.
    It would be impossible not to feel comfortable in your home.
    Take care,

  40. Adorable, I'm totally into cows lately too

  41. Brenda, all of it looks gorgeous! You do such a wonderful job decorating and using color. Love, love the cows and the barn! Your photography is always stunning! I don't follow "trends" either. My thought is that if you love it and enjoy, then it's perfect! Is your chair a recliner? I'm thinking of getting a recliner due to my back issues. My love seat is nice but one cannot stretch out and the chairs I have are not comfortable. If you have some time, I'd love to know more about your chair. And, by the way, what type of plant is on the coffee table? I'm adding more to my space.


  42. Looks adorable! I think this is my favorite so far!
    You've done your apartment so many different themes and styles. I really like the rustic feel of this one. Like stepping into a small little farm house!
    ...well, I really liked the bohemian style you had going a year or so ago. I have varied tastes in styles too...
    but rustic farm house feel is something I continue to return to often!

  43. Superb...change, I appreciate it.
    I love hanging photos, It's looks 3d type
    Keep sharing :)
    TimberMaster LTD


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