Entertaining On The Patio

This is the second segment of our monthly Creative DIY Team's themed posts. And this month we've chosen Outdoor Entertaining.

Cassie: Cassie Bustamante
Cristina: Remodelando la Casa
Susan: Love Of Home

For entertaining, I go right outside on the patio. It is the perfect place to ask my neighbors over for watermelon on a hot summer day.

The view to the gardens is the perfect backdrop.

You can hear the water gardens bubbling in the background, the birds chirping in the trees.

While enjoying cold fresh watermelon with guests.

Now go check out my team mates' summer entertaining posts by clicking on their name...



I hope you enjoyed our four individual takes on outdoor entertaining!


  1. your patio is lovely- the bright happy colors! and i love the buddha!

  2. The patio with all the beautiful plants is definitely where it's at for us too, Brenda. It's hotter than a pistol but we just can't stay inside. :)

  3. So serene and inviting Brenda, I can see why it is a favorite spot of yours!
    Going to visit the other ladies now.

  4. Your beautiful patio adds to the total square footage of your apartment. All your guests should feel very lucky to enjoy all your hard work and design. If I lived closer,r I would contribute fresh red raspberries to afternoon tea.

  5. You have such a beautiful outdoor space Brenda. I would love to sit and have a piece of that yummy watermelon and enjoy your garden.
    Very pretty. I am hoping over to check out the other garden spaces.

  6. Your patio garden is stunning. I love how you put the colored gazing balls in an old wagon.

  7. Your patio is a beautiful place, you've done a fantastic job. The furniture you chose, and the canopy against the fence, and the multitude of plants all work together to make it look so cozy and inviting. You ought to be featured in a prominent magazine about homes and gardens!

  8. A magazine should do an article about how you transformed your cement patio into such a lush paradise.

  9. WHat a great space to spend your time! I'd have trouble blogging if I had an oasis like that. lol

  10. Your patio looks so peaceful and serene, Brenda - I'm glad you have that wonderful place to relax and de-stress!

  11. Your garden is so lovely.. Just know your neighbors enjoy this invite.. Wish I was close by.. hs

  12. I would love to come over for watermelon and sit on your patio any day Brenda..I am just amazed at how you have transformed this space...The other ladies have done a great job as well..I also love the green Buddha..can you share where you got him?

  13. Just beautiful, and I love all of the details. You had me at watermelon :)

  14. I love everything about your patio, Brenda. The shaded seating area looks like a perfect spot to enjoy a summer evening! Pass the watermelon!

  15. What a great patio you have created for having fun. I love the big green tent or umbrella (not sure what its called ;-D)

    Your plants look great! Happy Summer!


  16. What a great space to relax! You got me at the water bubbling in the background and the chirping birds! <3

  17. Love your outdoor cozy ara Brenda! I know you enjoy it so much this time of year.

  18. simple and easy...the way it should be. happy summer!

  19. A lovely peaceful place to relax with friends! Love the idea of the sound of water trickling and birds singing and all the lush planting, as well as having a nice shady spot to sit too.
    Helen xox


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