A Pretty Gift & A Horse Painting

Jacki from Primitive Star Quilt Shop emailed me last week. They have added farmhouse wares to their shop in Indiana. She wanted to know if I wanted to choose something (Thanks, Jacki!)

If you will remember, this is the place where I've ordered all my red and white buffalo check curtains, along with other stuff in their shop. 

I just happened to find them a few years ago when I googled red and white buffalo check curtains, and we've established a friendship over the miles.

Here's what I chose: 

This wonderful galvanized container. I love the color! And it's a good size too. I decided to put vintage finds in there for now. No telling what room it will end up in next!

There is a larger one if you want to see it.

And a smaller one...

There is also something I found in a junk shop over the weekend, but I didn't get a very good photo of it. See at the right end of the TV, which I forgot to turn off? The horse painting?

It was just setting on the floor amidst a bunch of other stuff. My eye went straight to it of course. I strolled around a bit. But I had to nab the horse before I left. (And it was a great price too!)

Here it is cropped without the frame...

Isn't it beautiful? Yes, it is reflecting the opposite wall. Sorry. I will try to get a better photo later. 

Back to Jacki's gift...

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to use this container in the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, or the living room. So that I could see it more, I opted for the living room.

If you want to look at some of their farmhouse wares, or go straight to this beautiful container, here are the links:

Primitive Star Quilt Shop Farmhouse Primitives
National Standard Storage Barrel

Or to see the buffalo checked curtains I have in my apartment, click the link. I also have the shower curtain.

I received a free product for my review...


  1. Could you shar which shower curtain you have. I am in need of a new shower curtain.

  2. What a fabulous piece. Love the horse painting too.

  3. It is such a pretty color and looks great in your home. I love the horse print also. Your home is such a fun place!

  4. Brenda,
    Thank you for sharing the Primative Star Quilt Shop site with us! I checked it out and found some wonderful things that can be Christmas gifts. 🎶 Doing the happy dance🎶

  5. Love the container and it's one of my favorite colors.

  6. That is a great picture of the horse and it looks like he is thinking about his old racing days. That was a really meaningful addition in the upper right hand of the painting!

  7. I love it! Somehow, as soon as I saw it I could visualize you putting a baby Christmas tree in it, come December!

  8. Brenda, that is so pretty and that color...swoon! The horse picture adds a happy touch too. Carolyn in Fl.

  9. Love the container and how you are using it. Love horses so that is beautiful too!

  10. Adorable... and I love the way you are using it..
    ALL the red check curtains are just too pretty. I love anything red checked..
    Great find on the horse picture.

  11. I would have chosen this bin, too. I LOVE this color. My problem is never where to put things like this, it's what to display in them.

    The horse painting print is cool. Animals are timeless whether they are lambs or cows! :)


  12. I, too, ordered the red buffalo check curtains last fall after seeing them in your room. I am excited they have expanded their shop. Love, love the horse picture.

  13. I love the color of that container as well!

  14. I purchased some red buffalo check curtains awhile back, inspired by Brenda purchase, and I love them. When I am in a decorating funk I always come and look at your blog to get me motivated!


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