Clever Kitchen Organization Tips

I'm always interested to see how people corral things in their kitchen to keep things organized. Here are some of my favorites.

Baskets are excellent tools for organization in any room. They add texture and are pretty as well.

Here's a great way to organize your most needed kitchen utensils on the side of a cabinet, out of the way.

Metal baskets are very popular now. And keeping your cookbooks in one spot and in sight is a good way to use a nice vintage piece.

Once again, baskets to the rescue! This one keeps cooking utensils and spices at the ready near your stove.

Magazine holders can be decorated and used in the kitchen. Here they're laid on their sides to organize water bottles, etc.

Lazy Susans aren't just for tables. This one keeps clutter off your counter.

Do you have a unique organizational tip for kitchens?


  1. I love baskets and use them a lot to organize things.

  2. I love all these tips!! And those amber dishes and dishtowels are already making me think of fall decor....way too early for that! :)

  3. I like pretty painted metal colanders - pretty and so practical. I use them for fruit, and veggies that don't like the cold. Baskets lined with a pretty fabric to match my colanders are also on my counter - each one holds a collection of vitamins and daily meds for Hubby and I.

  4. Nice ideas. The utensils hanging on the side of the cabinet is only a good idea if you have no pets or small children around. My cat would rub against them and fur on them.

  5. I love baskets of all kinds and use them in my kitchen. They are great for small spaces. xo Laura

  6. I like the magazine holder on it's side. I'm going to see if I can't use that one. I use a lazy susan next to my stove for oils and salt and pepper. My cook books are in a decorative basket.

  7. I keep a little-used vintage cake stand next to my range for the salt, pepper and oils I use. It adds some height variation to my counter and I get to enjoy the pretty cake stand every day.

  8. Great ideas Brenda! I have my cutting boards stored in a pretty magazine rack :o)


  9. Lots of fun wire baskets!

  10. I like that idea of hanging the kitchen tools on hooks on the side of the cabinet. I've kept mine in a pitcher on the counter for years and they are always tangled up. That solution looks less tangle-y. Thanks!

  11. Love these ideas! I'm now going to keep an eye out for a round basket to use to corral things on my kitchen counter instead of the rectangle one I have. Uses much less room!

  12. Nice tips! Perfect for little kitchens like mine. Thanks! :)

  13. We are in the middle of the kitchen remodel...and Im going to snag the lazy susan idea for next to the stove. I pinned three of these, but they are all great! Super Post, Sandi

  14. I like the idea to keep muffin trays in a basket!


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