London Small Apartment Tour

This is Krysia and Tomek's apartment in West London. It is 443 square feet.

Krysia works as a props buyer for film productions.

This was originally Krysia's home, before Tomek moved in. Her tastes are somewhat eclectic. She likes to collect items for decor while traveling.

As you can see, the bed is behind the couch.

I imagine the small space was much easier for a single person to live in.

Do you think you could live in this small space?

Photos via Apartment Therapy


  1. I like the decorating style. Love the Hudson Bay blanket on the couch. We have one we use on our bed but it might just get moved to the living room.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I like their cozy apartment space. She has it decorated so cute too.

  3. Wow! That bathroom is pretty awesome and the way they maximized their space in a calm cool way is genius!

  4. It's basically living in a hotel room, and I would find it claustrophobic, but they have made good use of the space!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  5. I like this apartment! Smart use of space. Very cozy and comfortable.

  6. I love house tours featuring small spaces. I am downsizing myself, even though I only reside in a one bedroom apartment, I still had quite a lot of stuff. I am loving the spaciousness of my now paired down small space. Although it is still a work in progress. I sold some of my extra furniture, and pared down my wardrobe and decor.

    I wish you might have posted pictures of the kitchen, which is always of great interest to me, as I still love to cook and am always looking to see how others arrange their cooking and eating utensils in their small spaces.

  7. I love you feature these small apartments or condos. It's fun to see how others decorate world-wide. I don't think I could live in a space quite this small, but one never knows, do they?

  8. I think I could. Is there a kitchen? Very nice use of space.

  9. Is there an eating area in this apartment?

  10. I live in 500 sq. ft and it's difficult. Can't wait to get into a 1 bedroom apartment


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