Protrero Hill Apartment

I love to see how people make small apartments work for them. Here's Melanie's 500 square foot apartment in San Francisco.

Clearly the person living here cares more about plants and books than furniture.

Her style is rather spare, despite all the books and dangling plants.

A somewhat bohemian lifestyle.

With beloved finds mixed in.

This small space reflects the renter's love of nature and simple things.

Could you live in this apartment?



  1. Easily Brenda! Definitely my style.

  2. This apartment is very much like the way my friends and I decorated in the late '70s/early 80s. Books, plants, fiber wall hangings, candles and pottery. Looking at these photos, I can't figure out why I switched to the country ducks and geese look with all the ruffled pink and blue fabric that came next! Melanie's personal style, her clothing and hair, fit in with her decorating style, and I like all of it because it's fresh and natural. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I lived in one much smaller for a year once, so I could do this one just fine.

  4. Good Morning Brenda. It is amazing how she can make a 500 sq. ft. place work for her. Genius. This is not my style but I love her creative living and surrounding herself with things she loves. That is what living is all about. Not the sq ft but surrounding herself with what you love to feel like home and your sanctuary. Love the plants hanging in the shower. Super cute.

  5. This what my apartment would look like if I was the only occupant. ;)

  6. It is a pretty place but I am such a collector I would have much more on my shelves!

  7. the only thing missing is a dog! As a married woman for 27 years, living in a large home I would love to live in a small space that is just mine. Smaller to clean and filled with things I love and want to surround myself by.

  8. T oo small and not my style! But she did a great job.
    Thanks for posting!

  9. Yes I love some of her pieces that look more Asian. Unfortunately I'm no good with plants. Her style is a little boho hippy.Love it.

  10. I am going to copy using a screen as a headboard. Very creative!


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