Seven Things To Do With Jars

We throw them in the trash every day. Jars. We buy spaghetti sauce in them. Pickles. A variety of our foods can be purchased in jars. 

And who doesn't love mason jars? We can do so many things with them.

Here are some great ideas... paints the lids, adds a pretty knob, and turns a plain jar into something of beauty. See their tutorial here.

Sadie Seasongoods, who comes up with lots of great craft ideas, used a new product to create sea glass beach decor bottles.

DIY Ready uses a jar to make a prism candle. Wouldn't this look fantastic at night? Click on the link to find the tutorial.

Did you know that you can create ombre tinted jars? Imagine all the possibilities! DIY Joy can give you the instructions.

A Piece Of Rainbow will show you how to make a mason jar oil lamp.

Anyone Can Decorate makes beautiful snow globes.

Yesterday On Tuesday takes a jar and creates a gift complete with gorgeous tags.

Have you repurposed jars into something fantastic? Well, tell us about it.

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  1. Thank you for all the ideas! How creative. Have a happy day, XOXO

  2. I love these decorating crafts using jars. So creative! It's impossible for me to even pick a favorite. But, I think I'll start by making the prism candle. Thanks for sharing...

  3. I agree with gayle. The prism candle is number one on my to do list. Clicking over now ..

  4. Oh I love those seafoam ones. How fun is this.

  5. How very creative these people are.. Love it.. I haven't ever done this..but am definitely going to now.. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have a lot of jars in my basement. I use them for candles, and flower vases. There are so many great uses. I love the ideas you shared!

  7. These are awesome ideas Brenda...I have to get the sea glass spray!

  8. I love all these ideas, especially the snow globes!!! :)

  9. I was precisely working on a project that involved jars. I love them! So many possibilities. I gotta try that sea glass product. ;)

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! I have some tiny milk jars that I got at a christening and I haven't known what to do about them!

  11. It's hard for me to throw out a glass jar, as I tend to take after my mother in that regard. She was the queen of recycling long before it was popular.

    I love the ideas here.

  12. Cute ideas! I use glass jars for storing my rice, quinoa, pastas and dried beans. I use Mason jars for flower vases. Not crafty, just useful.

  13. So many great ideas. I adore the blue bottles with the sea oats!! Happy Wednesday!

  14. I couldn't believe it when they said that there is a decision not to recycle glass in this country!! I cannot throw away unique or colored glass bottles at all. Now I am using glass jars from salad dressing for tea containers, etc for my coffee making station in my kitchen. I hate plastic jars and bottles and try never to buy anything in them. So not recycling glass has been a real shock to my system.

  15. I just read Janes comment and I had no idea about that decision. I wonder if it is regional?

    I had to come back to this post and let you know I did a beaded jar. I followed the instructions and purchased the glue she recommended. BIG waste! I ended up using hot glue and it worked like a charm. The process went sooooo much faster. I'm not sure why she would recommend that particular glue since using it is a huge time sucker and hot glue is super effective. Just thought I'd let you know in case you were thinking of doing it.


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