Simple Details

By getting glimpses into someone's home, you see traces of their personality.

I found the two framed chicken pictures in Jenks awhile back.

They say Mason jars are losing their trendiness. But I will always be a sucker for their charm.

A coquettish flower, shy about its beauty, turned away.

Useful pencils and scissors and such.

Everyday glasses and plates.

Cherry tomatoes from the patio garden. Ripe and ready to eat.

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." 
- William Morrow


  1. I always think you never know someone fully until you see how they live. Always love your photos Brenda!

  2. Brenda, beautiful images! I especially loved the pencils and scissors!

  3. I so enjoy the photographs of the details of your vignettes. You have such a good eye for composition.

  4. Have I ever told you I adore your polka dot plates? Me wanty:).

  5. Home should reflect who we are! I always enjoy seeing photos of your living space.

  6. What Mason Jars leaving? NEVER!!!! in my house lol! Love your sweet and simple vignettes. I always say if you surround yourself with things you love and make you smile you will always be at home. Have a good day Brenda.

  7. I have a white pitcher like the ones you posted from Hobby Lobby. Since i use it in decor (and flowers) it is cute and functions well :)

  8. I agree with you about Mason jars. To me they are timeless. I have a few really old ones, a prized deep purple one, and I love to put Christmas candies in them at the holidays. You scored with those chicken pic!

  9. About the Mason jars -- who decided to make them trendy? Who is deciding to make them not trendy anymore? Trendy shmendy. I have three lovely old blue Mason jars that belonged to my husband's paternal grandma and somehow they ended up with us. They are always on display somewhere in the house, and always will be! Also, you had a post on candles, which had great ideas. But the idea I love most is your muffin tin of candles. It looks charming with the chickens. This style of decorating is so comforting.

  10. I will always love Mason jars. If they're not trendy anymore that means it will be easier for me to find them at thrift stores!

  11. Look at you, just like a little farmer with your fresh tomatoes from the patio - I love it! Your details are gorgeous, Brenda - love the new chicken pix!!

  12. I have to go to Jenks soon. I love love love those chicken pics. Maybe when the weather gets cooler....its too hot now

  13. My houses really shows who I am . A cluttered person with lots treasures of vintage items haha

    1. Ha! I can agree with you there! cluttered and vintage.. that's me.

  14. Beautiful photos. You have such a great vision for color!

  15. Don't you love fresh tomatoes? Your photos are awesome!


  16. Hi Brenda, Love the pictures. Isnt it wonderful to harvest vegetables etc...? Just harvested a pineapple Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  17. I have an old Mason jar that my daughter found at a prop sale at a company she worked for. I store my grandmother and mothers old buttons in it. It's a multigenerational treasure that I love.

  18. I am catching up on your posts from the past few days. This one is really nice with all of the beautiful images and glimpses into your cozy home!

  19. I love Mason jars. They will never go out of style now that we've learned so many ways to bring them back to life!



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