Six On Saturday 7/2/16

I just adore her farmhouse-inspired home.

I found some interesting information here about purchasing bedding.

I love this cozy outdoor space.

I thought this was the prettiest cookbook.

This photo just made me smile.

Doesn't this cute summer top look comfy?


  1. Brenda, great six, but that outdoor space looks fabulous! It is so hot and dry at my house, can't imagine sitting in a cool shade!

  2. That outdoor space looks so relaxing...that is the prettiest cookbook I have ever that cute would be so cute on hot days...

  3. The fruit made my mouth water!

  4. That outdoor space is gorgeous!!

  5. I'd like to add something about mattresses and foundations. Be sure what you receive is in a completely sealed plastic. The folks that deliver your new stuff will take away your old stuff as well at the same time, in the same truck. Cross contamination or what!!! Also bed bugs can live in cracks in wood , like the flooring in the truck. Also think about the fellow setting up your new bed after having taken away someone's old mattress with bugs or mites. His clothing...yuck. I had them leave my purchase outside the front door. I wiped the plastic with bleach, put the bug proof cover on outside and my equally bug phobic neighbor help me carry it in. I've never had bed bugs and don't want them now.

  6. I always love peeking at your Saturday picks, Brenda. It's like a newspaper feature I look forward to each week!!

  7. I love Sarah's farmhouse style - so pretty! Enjoy your weekend, Brenda!

  8. That first farmhouse picture stopped me in my tracks! I'm off to visit.

    Have a great weekend friend.


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