Six On Saturday 7/30/16

I just adore this pretty blue back splash.
This "junk" garden tour is a must see.
I like this bed with the pretty multi-colored pillow, the butterfly wall hanging above it, and the gold birds hanging down.
Blue and white. Love it! 
  I like the fact that this kitchen has a big footprint like the kitchens of yesteryear.
I love everything above this!


  1. That blue tile is amazing! I am also in love with tile floor in the last kitchen. Great collection of posts for today. Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. I love all of your picks! Such a lovely selection. The little plants in the last picture look so interesting. Love the arrangement. I wonder what they are...

  3. The blue tile speaks to me, the kitchen is lovely, and I'm off to tour that garden. Gorgeous!

  4. I also love the blue tile with the white dishes. I have myself transitioned from colored or patterned plates which I used to love to white dishes, I think food looks and tastes better on white. I also like crisp white sheets and bedding along with a blue blanket. I do not know what it is about white that satisfies my soul, but so it is!

  5. I love the junk garden!! Why can't I grow flowers like that?!


  6. That blue back splash is so beautiful!!!and that junk garden!..these are all wonderful picks Brenda..

  7. I love the kitchen and the garden is gorgeous! Happy weekend, my friend!

  8. Those blue tiles in the backsplash are stunning!


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