Six On Saturday 7/9/16

What a gorgeous piece of furniture. And it hasn't been painted!

I'm loving these sweet day beds.

Very interesting architecture!

This decor caught my eye.

These purple accent colors are rockin'!

Oh my, the colors of this bedroom are serene and blissful.


  1. I love it all but especially the top picture of the chest. It is perfect for linen storage and I love the finish. Thanks for posting.

  2. Love the first one. Although I still have the painted furniture in my cottagy bedroom. I am loving the look of my antiques elsewhere. xo Laura

  3. The day beds are beautiful.. Love the old cabinet too. Have a great weekend.

  4. The wardrobe in the first photo is so dignified. But it is missing a knob at the bottom, and that little imperfection makes it less stuffy. I love that little touch of whimsy.

  5. Wonderful choices this week! But I especially love the first picture of the chest. So practical and beautiful!

  6. I love the unpainted furniture in the first image---stunning! Hope you're having a great weekend, Brenda!

  7. Lovely...every one of them! I especially love the beams on the ceiling and the last bedroom.

  8. When I was a girl, my family had a chest similar to this first picture and we called it a chiffonier and at the top left, instead of the little door, it was open space with a mirror attached to the back so one could groom yourself and have tolietries and a comb in the empty area at the front.On the right side, where in this photo there are folded blankets and pillows, ours was used for hanging clothes and had a small, centered, front-to-back clothes rack at the top that could slide out a bit so you could see which garment you wanted to take out. Can you imagine what a limited space this was for clothing?

  9. I missed your not having a post today. I guess it's nice you had a day off, but I did check several times today. I hope you're enjoying your new phone!


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