The Ambiance Of Candles

I have always loved candles. That cozy feeling they lend to a home when lit and filling the room with a sweet scent just can't be beat. 

A candle instantly changes my mood. 

Here's a box of candles I've embellished a bit...

Here's another grouping of candles in my home.

This site showcases a magnificent way to fill a non-working fireplace.


I like this idea of creating a candle holder out of clam shells.

Go here for tutorial...

And how about this? So simple.

This is an elegant look...

Oh, and isn't this vignette just beautiful?

Do you use candles a lot in your decor? What is your favorite room to use them in?


  1. I love these new ideas for candles. I tend to get stuck in a rut with mine. I like new ways for old traditions.

  2. I love candles.. And the smell good ones are so wonderful. I agree just changes my mood.
    Love the black /white ones.. So pretty.

  3. I do have a few candles, but primarily light them in cooler months for some reason. So many pretty ways to display them. xo Laura

  4. Oh adore candles! Those pics show great ways to use them. I particularly like the one with the fireplace full of them.

  5. These are all beautiful looks, Brenda...I especially love your tray full of different size candles!

  6. Great ideas, I love decorating with candles.

  7. I use candles through out my home. Nothing changes my mood quicker and for the better than a wonderful smelling candle. Love all these photos, especially the simple teacup and saucer candle holder.

  8. I have some in tall candlesticks in various areas and yet I bring out more during the winter months..all of these groupings are just lovely!

  9. I really like candles but I am known for leaving them unattended while burning. I solved that problem by using white twinkle lights in my decor. It gives me soft lighting without the flame although I do miss the scent.

  10. I am a bit absent I mainly use battery operated candles. Once in a while a real one on the dining table when we eat.

  11. I am a bit absent I mainly use battery operated candles. Once in a while a real one on the dining table when we eat.

  12. I have candles all over my house and I love their beauty and scent. I tend to only light them in the winter for some reason though - I think because they create such a warm and cozy feeling and I don't really feel the need for that in the hot summer. I do keep them sitting out tho.

  13. I like the tall, thin ones in the metal holder best...


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