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Giving a facelift to a small house is one of the most challenging tasks a homeowner has to take on, especially if you love the vintage look. There are many things to be considered – how to organize the small space to provide the maximum storage space, how to make the space look fresh and airy. 

And more importantly, how to match the vintage pieces that you (most probably) bought from garage sales or a flea market.
If you love collecting vintage pieces, you don’t have to give up the idea of showcasing your collection just because you think they are a mismatch with each other. 
With a little help, planning, and with the right pieces (of furniture as well as decorative items), you can get the desired look without compromising the storage needs. By mixing the old with the new you can create an exciting vintage look for your home.
Here are some quick and easy tips to make your home look Wow!
1. Storage Comes First
The first step to organizing a home is looking for the right storage space. In order to display your vintage collection, you need to organize the items of daily use in the right manner. 
For a small and compact space, think upward storage – this simply means utilizing the wall from the ground to the ceiling for storing all that you need.
For instance, book lovers can maximize the storage space by adding extra tall shelves or if you have an open kitchen, then you can put your pantry on display with the help of a utilitarian storage system (as in the picture below).
small space tips pantry.jpg
If you have a stairway inside your house, you can also use the area underneath to store away all the extra things. If you have many vintage luggage bags, you can stack them to create a unique storage area. This will make your room stand out from others.
small space tips suitcases.jpg
2. Make the Rooms Appear Larger
The next trick is to make your room larger than it actually is. This will (virtually) provide enough space to display your antique collections. The choice of wall color must be right – ideally you should choose a lighter shade, since it reflects light and makes the room appear larger. 
Second and the best way to make the room larger – hang the draperies high up (close to the ceiling) and extend the rod at least four to five inches on either side of the window to make the windows appear wider. 
Stick to a neutral color, when choosing drapes for your room. This works for all the rooms in your home.
The room (in the above picture) features simple off-white draperies, which not only make the room appears larger but also make it look fresh and airy.
3. Buy the Right Items
You must think before you purchase – especially when it comes to vintage pieces. Before buying a piece, quickly think of ways to accommodate it with the existing things in your room. If it doesn’t work with the existing décor, don’t buy it.
Look at various garage sales, flea markets and online freebie sites such as to find the right vintage household items within your budget. For instance, investing in an ottoman can be a great decision, since you can use it in multiple ways – It works as extra seating area. 
 It can be used to serve food and snacks during a gathering. Or you can stretch your legs over it and enjoy a cup of hot coffee during your leisure time. It also makes your room look and feel cozy.
A secret tip to save money (while making your home look plush) – Buy antique pieces at rock bottom prices and then refurbish to match your existing home décor. But be careful when restoring the antique; make sure it does not lose its characteristics of being an antique!
But make sure you don’t display too many antiques in a room; it makes your room feel like a museum. If you truly want your guests to appreciate your collections, choose ones that will increase the value of your home.
4. Create a Focal Point
If you can’t resist buying many collectibles and displaying them all, it is important to create a focal point within the room. Too many items together can be distracting; a focal point complements the items and creates harmony within the room.
Use something that completely contrast with the other items within the room such as a wall tapestry, a Persian rug or even a chandelier. If you are lucky enough to find a large antique chair, you can add some coziness to your room, while creating a focal point.
contemporary chair.jpg
Just because you found the items at garage sales or freebie sites and they were not made for each other does not mean you can’t pair them. Look for similar colors, textures or finishes. Repeating patterns is also one way of pairing things together.
Final Takeaway
Giving your home a vintage look can be tough, but it is never impossible. By pairing the right pieces and positioning them correctly, you can make your room look larger and more spacious. So bring out all your vintage collections from the attic and start giving a facelift to your home!
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Author bio: Korie Cantor is a blogger who works as a freelance writer and also writes regular articles for Freebies. She possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion and latest trends.


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