Creative DIY Team Project #4

This is segment four of our Creative DIY team's monthly projects.

This month we're featuring anything fall. That would be me, Cristina, Cassie & Susan.

This wonderfully long basket I found at my favorite antique mall for $10. At two feet long that was such a great price that it had to come home with me.

I have been using it on my dining table for various tabletop vignettes. This one is just a mix of this and that.

I really love this small space. The wall is filled with paintings by one of my favorite artists.

So Bon Appetit and Happy Harvest!

Please go visit my team members to see what they came up with for their fall project: 

See ya next month!


  1. I love that basket and the colors are so perfect for Fall!

  2. this is so pretty, brenda- the basket was a great find at that size!

  3. That's a very charming basket, Brenda! Beautiful Fall vignette.

  4. I love your little space, Brenda. And your basket is very nice ♥

  5. Very pretty! I am decorating for fall now, too!

  6. As usual, I love what you've done with a small space. You are amazing.

  7. I have a serious case of basket envy! Beautiful!


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