How I Make Mornings Manageable

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Mornings are rather quiet here at my patio apartment. My Yorkies, Abi and Charlie, are here of course. And my friend Israel usually joins me for coffee.

I like to have breakfast while the coffee is brewing. 

I have breakfast here at my little $10 table which I sanded and painted a golden yellow shade. It reminds me of sunshine.

The last time I redid my little apartment kitchen (my third time in less than two years!), I decorated the cabinet doors with bamboo placemats and painted wooden utensils. 

I like whimsy in my decor! 

Since I like to wake up slowly without bright light, I turn on this little lamp of 40 watts. It provides enough light to make my breakfast here on the counter and prepare my coffee without harsh overhead light.

I have a coffee bar set up on a rescued kitchen cart I spiffed up and painted. The vintage coffee tin on top of the mug rack holds coffee filters. 

I always have a Mason jar filled with coffee beans and a candle. It helps provide a cozy ambiance to my morning.

Once I settle down in my favorite chair with my coffee, I begin to read email and carry on with my daily job as a blogger.

Each day, I am happy to rise and shine, go through my yoga stretching routine, and carry on my morning. Having this routine is how I make mornings manageable.

How do you make mornings manageable at your house?

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  1. My morning cup of tea is my wake-up tool. A little caffeine, an online crossword puzzle, a little blog reading - and I'm off and running. Your routine sounds cozy - perfect!

  2. Love the description of your morning! Your actions are very mindful, not rushed or harried. I think this is what adds the sparkle to the day. I can remember the days when the girls were home and the mornings were hectic. We have gotten back into the habit of an early morning walk.

  3. Well, I now have a new dog, (my companion dog of 14 years died in January,) so I hop out of bed and take him out to potty. (I live in an apartment so he has to go out on a leash.) Then I make my morning coffee, feed him, open my laptop and look for your blog first thing. Then I read my favorite blogs while I enjoy my first cup of coffee. No television, no music, just me, my dog Sparky, and my coffee! I am not a morning person so I like to be left alone and have peace and quiet.

  4. Brenda, your morning rituals sound so lovely! As for me, I like to wake up in time to watch the sky as the sun comes up. I then enjoy reading until 7:30, which is breakfast time. After this, I can begin my day!

  5. Weather permitting I begin each day with a walk. When I get back home I call my mom to check on her and then I prepare my green juice followed by breakfast. I love my morning routine in my new apartment. xo Laura

  6. I almost never buy at Pier one because they are pricey. But I did buy these for my daughter because they work well in a small space and work at bowls as well as hot drinks. Thought you might like to see them.

  7. I start my day by saying good morning to my two pups, who are always so excited to see me when I come out of my room. I turn on the Keurig to heat up, and head out with the pups for their morning romp. When we come in, I make a cup of coffee for now (black, no sugar) and another in a mason jar with cream and sugar, that I stick in the freezer to cool. That one goes to work with me, for my lunchtime Iced Coffee. Before I shower, I take a few minutes to sit quietly with my coffee, checking emails to see what the work day has in store. Once the bed is made, it's off to the shower to start yet another busy day!

  8. You have a great morning ritual, I always say your mornings will reflect what kind of day you will have...enjoy your day! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  9. My husband and I are early morning walkers. We walk just as the sun is coming up. I find I have lots of energy to get through my day then.

  10. When I was younger...morning was crazy. But in retirement it is a cup of coffee, bagel, email, and quick blog check. The rest of my morning is mostly slow and gentle unless I have appointments out of the house. I like to check my porch flowers and sometimes a sit on one of the porches. Sheila

  11. My mornings are usually off to a very slow start. Now that I'm retired, I LOVE not having to rush around and get ready for work! I get up, make my tea (herbal with agave in it) and drink a full glass of warm water with a few of my vitamins...then enjoy my tea and gaze out the window at the wind in the trees and the blue sky....and usually go right to my computer to check emails and blogs in my inbox.. make a few comments on my favorite ones and then decide what I want to do for the day. I usually always have "to do" list on my dining room table so that guides me! I don't like being rushed first thing in the morning. I usually also walk outside to look at my little garden and veggies, pick off a few of the dead blooms and admire the work I've done so far this summer! I like my mornings slow and easy.. then I get my energy around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and am usually off and running!

  12. Hi Brenda! Love hearing about your morning routine. I think you're organized too. I get up and pour a glass of Diet Dr Pepper and then eat some breakfast and sit in my chair. I take my time! :) I'm old.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I allow myself to wake up when my body is ready (usually around 6am). I sit in my sunny sitting room and read my meditation for the day, then write a bit in my journal before getting on with my day. It is so much nicer to be able to start slowly and enjoy the quiet mornings.

  14. I start my day off with relaxing..tea and a bagel or tea and toast while I talk to my little fur balls of cats...then checking emails...after a while I maybe start a load of laundry..make my bed..step outside and check out the weather..After all of that I do whatever needs done around the house for the day..I am a really bad morning person so I need to start out slow..

  15. Such a nice morning routine..
    Love your coffee station..

  16. Coffee and my computer are my morning routine! Cozy and quiet!


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