Jennifer's Tiny Home & Work Space

Jennifer is a designer and photographer in Long Beach, California.

Her little apartment is 400 square feet.

She likes to travel. 

She says she would rather have experiences than own stuff.

She has what she needs, but doesn't like to add clutter to her small space.


Could you live in this small space in the Belmont Heights area?


  1. Such a light, airy space. I like how all of the wood that isn't painted is stained in a similar light finish, which helps keep the lightness flowing. I also like how she has organized her computer area so that it is functional but also fun and attractive. Thanks!

  2. What a bright and airy space! :)

  3. I have become enamored with small spaces myself! How much does one person need?

  4. I love her space. I love her attitude too. Experiences over stuff has to be so full filling in her life.
    Super cute little space.

  5. I love all of the light!..I am just getting used to having light again..My boyfriend always had to have the curtains closed and be sitting in the wonder I was depressed..One of the first things I did when he left was to open all of the curtains!!!It's wonderful to have light and feel the sun on my skin!

  6. She did a great job with such a small space. I think her use of color jazzed it up!

  7. Love herapartment. I also love what you did to your blog,very easy to read and clean looking.

  8. This is so cool, Brenda! Great tips and ideas. My Abby just moved to an apartment around this size and I'm hoping she figures out some ways to do shelving to make more room.



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