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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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New Wall Detail In The Living Room

Limitless Walls was kind enough to send me enough removable wallpaper to put up on the wall behind my couch in my living room. 

I waited until Israel had time to help me apply it. We started Saturday evening. 

However, I am a morning person. And I should have heeded my own warning about not starting projects in the evening, because we ended up screwing up.

All was not lost, but it seemed so Sunday when we realized our error in judgment. We had forgotten to look on the back for the numbers so we'd be putting up the rolls in sequence. 

Around noon that day we stood staring at the wall, wondering what to do. The rolls looked fine surrounding and below the couch. But we could not salvage what was left. 

That meant the wallpaper ended a few feet short of the corner of the living room, and a few feet short of the designated spot where the dining room begins. 

So I put my thinking cap on. I told Israel. "Let's head to Lowes. I think I know how to fix this."

What we ended up doing was buying a sheet of bead board, which Israel cut in half. And I got some dark trim to finish things off. 

Yesterday evening Israel finished the trim work after he got off work. So today I took photos to show you.

I'm actually glad we messed up. Because I like what we ended up doing better than the original concept. 

I like the dark trim we ended up using, and the bead board we had to add to the ends to fix our mistake.

I've always liked bead board, but never had occasion to use it.

So never give up when you've "flubbed up a project." Yes, sometimes it is not salvageable. But before you throw in the towel, try looking at it from all directions. 

Sometimes you come up with an answer that is just waiting there for you to find it.

Notice I've changed the curtains. I changed them in the living room, the patio doors, and the bedroom. I loved the buffalo check, but I couldn't easily pull the curtains closed to keep out the heat.

I like the more subtle color of the green and cream. It's a nice change.

Of course the pupsters managed to get in the photos, which often happens around here.

Thanks again to Limitless Walls!

Cozy Little House
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  1. Brenda, it looks great! Adds a barn touch to your wall and the cow prints!!

  2. Beautiful I love it so warm and inviting!!

  3. Im not sure I would have been so creative. Looks wonderful.

  4. I think it looks wonderful, great save and finish! you two did a great job!

  5. I noticed the curtain change right away and I love it! The room exudes calm! The wallpaper looks great and good for you for thinking out of the box when you encountered a problem. I would have been the one crying on the floor thinking it was ruined!

  6. Brenda, I love it! And I also like the new curtains too, Your home just keeps evolving and I like that you change things up often, just as I myself do. The new couch and chair fit in perfectly don't they? I always watch to see how you have refreshed your decor too. Very nice.

  7. Mary Johnson, you are so right! The room does exude calm. I have found in myself that my decor has also become more serene and peaceful, could it be because we both are feeling more calm and centered ourselves?

  8. What a brilliant idea to save your project! I love beadboard in general. It's addition to your wall greatly enhances its appeal. Your living room is so charming and inviting now!

  9. Your living room has taken on a whole new vibe--the wallpaper goes so well with your cattle photograph! Glad to hear about your success with removable wallpaper...makes for easy redecorating on a whim. Your solution was a great outcome to a "happy" mistake!

  10. That looks beautiful, Brenda...and the creative way you fixed your "mistake" made it very special!

  11. Looks great, so much more unique than if you hadn't made the goof! Wonderful solution.

  12. I love,love your living room.. The wall paper is fantastic [and congrats on being able to correct the problem] .It looks fantastic.. and I like the green/cream curtains, nice change..

  13. I don't recognize your living room! Wow, big changes.

  14. Brenda!! I'm so excited for you!! Your cozy apartment looks like a little sweet cottage with the new walls and window curtains - I am in love with the changes!! And the red accents pop so nicely against the new green drapes - just gorgeous!!!!

  15. This is wonderful! The trim and beadboard set it off beautifully-love the curtains too.

  16. Fabulous, I agree the mistake was a good thing.

  17. That wallpaper looks like real wood; amazing!
    What you and Israel came up with was a very creative solution. Looks wonderful!

  18. Brenda, you've outdone yourself. Lovely,lovely room.

  19. What a gorgeous treatment! It looks like real wood.
    That's the way to go, turning a mistake into a beautiful feature, I love it!

  20. You have such a knack for making a beautiful space. If I had just happened on your blog and did not know you lived in an apartment, I would think you had a darling little stand-alone house. Every space, in and out, is charming.

  21. It looks amazing! I am a morning person too so I can never start anything complicated at night!

  22. Love this - looks fantastic! You are so creative with thinking "outside the box". I probably would've cried and torn it all down in frustration.

  23. I really like how the dark trim accents the wood looking walls too. And I noticed your stylin new curtains right away too.
    I'd love this on my bedroom wall.

  24. Love the wall! Beautiful ♥

  25. At first I didn't even think it was your living room! Looks so different with the green curtains, which by the way, I love and it's amazing what a different color curtain does for a room... it brings out other little pops of green! And the wall... wow and double wow.... looks amazing... how easy will it be to take off that wallpaper? LOVE the dark trim boards you used and the beadboard was a smart idea... I too love it and want to have it everywhere in my house! Great job and your living room looks so different now.. in a good way! (well it was good before too.......)

  26. Wow....just beautiful. Wallpaper? You fooled me!!

  27. Very nice Brenda..I'm so glad you made that mistake..I love beadboard!

  28. That looks nice. I'm glad you thought of a way to fix the problem.

  29. I love it! Really ties in the farmhouse flavor - PERFECT with your cow picture!

  30. Oh, it looks great Brenda! Love those happy accidents!


  31. It looks fabulous, and I agree that the 'screw up' was a blessing in disguise. Love the dark trim too. Just perfect!

  32. Wow this is fantastic. Love the wallpaper. I noticed the curtains right away but have totally missed that fabulous couch. I think you and Israel might just be the new design team for HGTV.

  33. Brenda, the new look has a western or rustic feel to it that I love. I really like your choice of wallpaper pattern. It is perfect with the horse and cow artwork you're using. What I am most impressed with is how well you handled this decorating challenge, considering the issues with your ankle and autism. Even though you started the project in the evening which is not the best time for you, you quickly came up with a clever solution to a problem and went out to get the materials. And you pulled off a correction that has a lot of texture and interest to it. That wall reminds me of an actual very old house, where someone had to make do with the materials available. Your problem and correction both make me even more likely to try removable wallpaper, because I can imagine that even if I make a mistake I can figure out a way to deal with it. Thanks for sharing this creative project carried out by you and Israel, who does great work. (And I must add that the pups and the red accents in the room give it the final touch!)

  34. I love what you have done! Love the steps up to your sofa for you pooches!

    Have a nice Friday and a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  35. LOVE the wallpaper and picture! Your home always is so beautiful and warm and welcoming! PS - even the doggie steps are nice at your house. Ours look a little rough for the wear! LOL HAPPY WEEKEND BRENDA AND PUPS ox

  36. Well, it is 6:30 pm and as usual seeing your house tour and the living room makeover inspired me and I spent all day re-doing the living room and my bedroom and the kitchen. Not totally done, but close. thankfully between thrift stores and my decor stash, it was all done for under $40. Ha ha! Your place is just so warm and homey, I decided to warm up my space as well.

  37. That wallpaper looks great in your rustic living room. It is a great accent on that large wall. I like how you fixed your "mess-up". I know you were glad to fix that so you wouldn't have wasted that paper and all that time and effort putting it up! I like your new curtains too. That color and pattern looks nice with your brown leather.


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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