Six On Saturday 8/20/16

I do love a vignette using vintage farmhouse scales.

I understand that blue is the new color trend for fall.

I think a touch of black is added interest in any room.

 A friend of mine told me about a great new deal on health-conscious cosmetics

This shows you how to make a unique floral centerpiece.

And a pretty new fireplace reveal


  1. HI Brenda
    Your blog looks great! Did you redo it? I just noticed the header and images look awesome! Love visiting your blog on a Saturday morning! laura

  2. I love your features - Leslie's fireplace is awesome.

    I see that blue is the new color - for once I am "trendy".

  3. Yes, if blue is "in" then I am right on trend!

  4. Just love the porch, I wouldn't change a thing....seems like I grew up on a porch that was similar but never appreciated that kind of décor then but I sure love it now, that screen door is magnificent! I so want one. Thanks for sharing Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  5. So many great links, Brenda! I couldn't get over Gwen's fireplace makeover - stunning! Happy weekend ~

  6. And I accidentally clicked send before I told you how much I LOVE your new look - so fresh and chic!

  7. I have one of those American Family Scales..the same one in those blue paisley chairs...I dream of having that screened in porch..I know it would be my favorite room to be in...


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