Six On Saturday 8/6/16

It's out of my comfort zone. But I love how the designer used these two bold wallpaper patterns.

Love all the blue and white

I thought this craft was super cute.

I loved the peak into this little girl's room.

I thought the colors here were very complimentary. 


  1. Beautiful inspiration for my Saturday morning! Love all the color! Have a great weekend!

  2. Another set of six awesome choices. I really loved peeking into the little girl's bedroom! Happy Saturday to you!

  3. They are all neat, but the little girls room is my favourite!
    I love all of the windows and the sweet dollhouse.

  4. Love the cloche of course. I need to get mine out and use them again.

  5. I absolutely love that last photo - isn't it great to see homes with COLOR again???? :)

    1. Thanks Mountain Mama! It's one of my favorite projects.

  6. The girl's room looks like an old-fashioned sleeping porch. Very relaxing place for a nap, I'd say. I would stay in a good mood in that last room. So pretty. Thanks.

  7. I always love the fun inspiration photos you share with us, Brenda! Have a lovely weekend!


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