Tips For Small Space Living Arrangements

Just because you may live in a small home does not mean that you can't create a beautiful home for yourself that lives large. 

Move Furniture Away From The Wall

By simply moving a couch away from the wall, it will make your room look larger. Especially if there's room behind the couch to walk and still use the wall for something narrow like bookshelves.

Divide & Conquer

If your room is long and narrow, divide the space and create two areas. You could make the other side a dining room or breakfast area. 

If you already have a dining/breakfast area, you could create a cozy library with a small table and chairs for eating and perusing books.

Use Armless Chairs 

Armless chairs are a superb idea for a small space. 

As you can see from the photo above, you can create a cozy little corner area with a stunning wall display to make your space appear more cohesive.

Create A Cozy Conversation Area 

By creating a conversation area, the space automatically feels cozy and intimate. It's also a good idea to ground your conversation area with a pretty area rug. 

Arranging Furniture In A Studio Apartment

Even if your home happens to be a studio apartment, you can still make the space work for you while encompassing all of your needs.

The above studio apartment has a sort of designated living space with the couch and TV across from it. A bed at one end, and a desk area at the other.

This effectively creates three rooms downsized to just one space.

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  1. I love a cozy corner for chilling and chatting ♥

  2. I like the studio apartment. Minimalism at its best.

  3. I love all these cozy little spaces!

  4. I have such a small square living room! Nothing works because of the size and placement of the windows and doors. I would love to be able to pull my furniture away from the walls but then we wouldn't be able to walk, in there, at all! I am thankful to even have a living room so I make do with what I have and enjoy it!

    Grace & Peace

  5. These are all great ideas for a small space. Brenda, I am so thrilled you got rid of that big ad that covered the bottom of your blog posts! Now I can read your blog again on my iPad! :)

    1. I'm so sorry about that ad! I emailed my ad network three times until they finally got it off.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas for small spaces!!Since I live in a small townhouse, I was really interested in these! Have a great week!

  7. Those are great ideas for getting the most out of a small space. I'm a fan of pulling furniture away from the wall when you can too.

  8. I love that first apartment Brenda...such bright colors and so whimsical looking!

  9. I'm drawn to that yellow sofa in the first photo and pretty much everything about the fourth photo -- the warm wall color and the cheerful oranges, greens and yellows in the décor looks so inviting. Thanks!

  10. This very subject has taken over my whole summer as I hope and plan to next winter move into a small house. I am excited about the possibility, and the much fewer rooms to clean, and have spent hours on Pinterest searching for ideas that speak to me. I think I am as excited about moving to a small house as most people are about moving to a big house!

    Love your ideas here!


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