A Long Red Basket & Horns

Yesterday I was on my way to Home Depot. We had a power outage and many of the street lights were out. 

Somehow in the confusion, I ended up at the street light just before you go over the bridge to Jenks. Which means I was about a mile from my favorite shopping stop.

I still can't comprehend how that happened.

I think my vehicle has its own brain and knows the path to my favorite antique mall. 

Hence, the title of this blog post. 

My friend Cristina was showing what she last got thrifting, and I thought I would do that as well.

First, this pretty red basket was $10. And it had the berry stems already in it. And for Pete's sake it was red! Which catches my attention anyway.

I think I have red radar.

I've wanted one of those long narrow baskets forever. 

That other two foot long basket on my kitchen table that is long in the other direction was the same price, believe it or not. 

I tell you that place has some phenomenal deals. 

Once or twice I've wandered into a few of the other antique malls/stores there, and they just can't compete with the prices.

I thought it looked sweet right up there by my cow. I've decided not to decorate so much in red, as I will accent with red. 

I know to some people red is downright overwhelming. That's kind of how I feel about pink.

So I felt the urge to balance things out with the antique sign on the other end. I've had it forever. I see those everywhere.

The other things I picked up, I saw on the first aisle, and mulled it over in my head the rest of the time I was there. Then I went back and got them.

I never really saw myself as owning horns, but they were $7 and so I told myself: Think texture, Brenda. They may be ugly. But they will provide texture to a vignette.

I said I was putting up my paint brush, and so far I have. But I got out some red spray paint I had and gave this once gold shelf that goes on the wall above my kitchen table a spraying. 

I have too many things on the patio now to break out the spray paint. So I walk over to Israel's work shed and put some cardboard on a big trash can and paint there. It's just about 12 feet out my front door.

This paint color is growing on me a bit. 

I have to get up on the step stool to paint the top of this cupboard, and that always sends my ankle into a spin, so that sealed the deal for now.

I feel a wee bit deceived that the paint chip called it "sky blue view." Because I don't see any blue in it now that it's painted. 

I always thought aqua had some blue in it. But I could be wrong.

For now it stays. I'll figure something out about the patio door curtains clashing with it. 

Sky Blue View, my foot, as my granny would say.


  1. You do have a red radar and that's why I so enjoy your decorating! The long basket is perfection.

  2. That long red basket is wonderful!! I can't see blue in that color either.

  3. HaHa! I drive 8 miles to go to my favorite grocery store, and two of my frequented thrift stores are just a mile away. My car automatically drives there as it knows my brain is arguing with me that "I might as well go see what is new, since I am so close, and besides, it saves me gas."

  4. Ha ha, my mom says that, too!! I love your new long red basket, and it's balanced perfectly by the red lamp opposite. Your home always looks so cozy and warm to me, you inspire me to do more in my house!

  5. I am a red fanatic. I have had a red sofa and I have had red walls, not all at the same time! but now, like you, I am accenting with red and I think I like this look, at least for now. You have certainly given me some inspiration! Your red accents are beautiful and really make your home "pop" especially those red dishes! I love your home and patio, they are so inviting!

  6. Such great deals. I not sureaboutthehornshah. Seriously use dark wax. It will tone down the brightness.

  7. I rather like the "aqua" cabinet with the red accessories.

  8. I like the long red basket next to the shelf..my eyes were drawn back and forth to the reds on the shelf and the basket...I really love your ideas

  9. How beautiful! I especially love the red dishes!

  10. Hi Brenda...love your finds! Lisa@ Sweet Tea n' Salty Air

  11. Since I have a black and while kitchen; Red is my favorite accent as well. Love your finds!

  12. Brenda, I loooove the basket! And the red colour is perfect. I also love that cow painting- it is very beautiful. I hope you are having a cozy Friday evening and I hope you have a lovely weekend ♥


  13. I like red accents. I used to have a lot of red in my home when I first moved into my house! The color on your shelves reminds me of jadite. It has some green in it. The red dishes look nice with it.

  14. Sky Blue View, my foot, as my granny would say. Now that saying is a new one to me!! :)

  15. I'm a "red" person, too. I've got red accents all over my house. If I saw that long red basket, I would have snapped it up in a second! Love it, and it seems that you've found the perfect spot for it.

  16. I'm a red fantastic as well! And working on adding pops of red to my decor. My bestie likes most colors except red! We sometimes get into a fuss! lol I love all your RED!

  17. I adore all your RED! I too am a fantastic. Just recently started following your Blog. Really enjoying your decorating style. I'm sure looking forward to the holidays to see what you make.

  18. This is all so pretty, Brenda! I love the colors...and your wonderful finds! I guess you were meant to go in that shop!

  19. Brenda the red basket is beautiful and a great thrift find !! I do not see sky blue in the paint color, but the aqua is so fresh and compliments the red. Love it.

  20. I love the cow and although I am one of those pink people, I admire those bold splashes of red. I have an urge to try and paint myself a cow even though I am not an artist.

  21. The red basket looks perfect in that spot Brenda..My son says I have a problem telling blue and green colors apart..We are always debating about whether something is green or blue..Having said that..I am not seeing any hint of Sky Blue on that cupboard..lol..and those horns..I am anxious to see what you do with them...

  22. Brenda... Yes I so understand , How our cars just head to the thrift stores..So proud you went that day.. Great find on the red basket.. perfect..[Not sure about the horns ,ha ..cant wait to see ,what you will do with them.smile]
    I love the aqua cabinet with all the red dishes.. and the yellow cabinet, all is perfect. When we moved [in May] to our new to us , old house. I painted the kitchen yellow and white.. all my accents are aqua blue and red. I even made the curtains ..They are aqua and white designs and I added a red/white polka dot border.. [I had to make them, because I couldnt find what i wanted.].. Whatever color the aqua shelf is..I love it.. I miss your red check curtains though.. They were my favorite..
    Have a great weekend.


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