Earthquake In Oklahoma

Yesterday morning I let the dogs out shortly before 7 a.m. I was in the bathroom, which is the very center of my apartment, when I hard a loud sound that I'd never heard before. 

Things seemed to be swaying underneath me, like waves bobbing a boat.

I know there's been earthquakes here before, but I never felt it.

I grew up in the land of tornadoes. I'm accustomed to all the warnings and sirens and weathermen cautioning the TV viewers. 

Nothing had prepared me to feel the earth shifting underneath me. 

I turned on the TV and learned that it had been a 5.6 earthquake, and is a repeat of one in 2011, both being the strongest earthquakes ever registered in Oklahoma.

I learned later that it was felt in six states. 

I got on Facebook and friends all over the Midwest said they too felt it. It was felt as far away as Arizona. I don't know a lot about earthquakes, never having lived in states where they are more common.

State regulators have asked producers to reduce wastewater disposal volumes in earthquake-prone regions of the state. 

Some parts of Oklahoma now match northern California for the nation's most shake-prone, and one Oklahoma region has a 1 in 8 chance of a damaging quake in 2016, with other parts closer to 1 in 20.

A cluster of quakes in northwestern Oklahoma this year included a magnitude 5.1 earthquake, and several 4.7 quakes were felt last fall before regulators stepped in to limit disposal activity.

It is reported that thousands of birds took flight about 20 minutes before the earthquake occurred. 

Birds and bats seem to have the ability to detect magnetic fields. This capability probably helps the creatures navigate –but it could also allow them to sense earthquakes before they strike.


  1. I've lived in both California and Washington, so earthquakes became part of our lives. It's alarming when it happens, though. Stay safe.

  2. I hope you're safe, darling Brenda !
    Last week our Country, Italy, was affected by a tragic earthquacke, as you certainly have known, these are so terrible events bringing so much pain ...

    ...You have all my understood, believe me, sending my dearest hugs

    Xx Daniela

  3. Oh wow, having lived in California for years, I am used to earthquakes, but they still are a little scary.

  4. I was driving at the time and missed it. Before I got home a friend called to say her house was swaying and I just laughed. After putting up groceries I started searching and sure enough, an earthquake. Glad that it wasn't as destructive as some have been known to be though. Sure is scary. Glad you are safe.

  5. Heard about this in our UK news ... scary, glad you are ok.
    It is interesting that the birds/animals do have this sense that enables them to almost pre-hear / pre-sense the changes that are coming.

    All the best Jan

  6. wow, didn't know that about the birds and bats. glad everything is okay.

  7. I have several friends in OK and I saw them all posting about it on FB. So freaky - and glad you are safe!

  8. glad you're ok, I guess I slept right thru it!

  9. It's a scary feeling isn't it Brenda..We felt the bad earthquake in Virginia in 2011..we were sitting here talking and suddenly the house started shaking and the ceiling light started swinging..I looked at him and said "earthquake"...from the feel of it we thought the center was much closer than it really was..that just goes to show you how powerful earthquakes are..Take care..

  10. We felt it here in Omaha- it was very strange feeling.

  11. Wow, that must have been scary! Living where I do I've never experiences a tornado, earthquake, or anything else... only high winds. Glad you are ok :o)


  12. When I heard the news yesterday, I immediately thought of you! So happy to hear you are okay. My mornings wouldn't be complete without your blog😊

  13. Brenda, what did the pups do? Many times animals can sense in advance, our two GOLDENS won't go outside...or they whine or sing if bad weather approaches. One of our GOLDENS can tell me 10-15 min. Before thunder!!!!!!

  14. So happy you and your kids are ok.....At least you researched and are aware. Here we have tropical storms , hurricanes and tornados. One of your other readers commented about animals being able to detect mother nature problems and that is true knowing from experience. Here they get really anxious. We lose our lights at least 2xs a week and its always when I put dinner in lol and I am forever picking up palm debris. Be safe Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air


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