Morgane's Montreal Apartment

Morgane lives in Montreal in a 650 square foot apartment, which is just about perfect for one person. My own is 725 square feet.

She loves art, and works in an art gallery.

With the white walls and white curtains, her space doesn't look or feel small.

She has a very nice kitchen with hardwood floors.

Of course I much prefer white appliances to stainless steel, so this kitchen is perfection to me.

The bedroom is on the small side. And so is the bathroom below, much like most apartments.

Could you live in this apartment?


  1. I could live in a small space if I had to but I am a hand quilter and use a large floor standing frame so it wouldn't work for me unless I had two bedrooms so I could use one as a sewing room

  2. Yes. I love small spaces and Morgane's is so tastefully done. My son vacationed in Montreal last Spring. Now it is on my bucket list!

  3. Yes, I could live in Morgane's apartment. But, I would need to add more color. I love seeing the turn table & albums! Make it a great week Brenda and thanks again for your blog, I do enjoy reading it daily.

  4. Hi. I love it when you do these features on small apartments. I get good ideas from them. I love Morgane's fresh, light touch. My favorite part is the island with the stools in the kitchen area. Looks like a fun place to sit and chat over coffee with a friend or use as a buffet for a gathering. I like the black touches, but I would paint the long wall across from the tub all white rather than having the black half wall. All white might make the bathroom seem a bit more roomy. Other than that minor issue, I think I could really relax and breathe in this apartment.

  5. Very nice. I think smaller places are more cozy and you utilize every room. Some people have big huge homes that never utilize some of the rooms. Morgane's place is so bright and cheerful.

  6. I could live in that apartment but the bedroom would be my sewing room and I would sleep in the livingroom on a convertable. I am a white appliance person too. I would add colored accents, I love bright colors.

  7. I think she definitely used her space well and doesn't feel crowded or cluttered at all - nice, clean-feel and pretty too!

  8. Very nice. I love my small 540 sq foot apartment. Plenty large enough for me. xo Laura

  9. It's a lovely apartment and the kitchen is really nice. I lived in a 540 square feet apartment before I bought Cottage and loved it!

  10. I could live in the kitchen! Nice house ♥

  11. No...she likes art...but the place is devoid of art. No color..nothing on walls, no sculpture..nothing. Needs life.

  12. I like the way Morgane has been able to add some interesting pieces such as the little file system on her kitchen counter and a place to display her cookbooks. Hard to do in a small place but it makes it feel like home!


  13. Very cute apt. I could live in it. So the bdrm is small, how much time do we spend in them anyway? My bdrm is very small, and it's OK. Love her kitchen and island. Really enjoy this feature!

  14. As far as the apt..I could live there if I were place here is only about the size of yours Brenda.....As for her decorating..she needs some color and style..She loves art and works in a gallery but has no art on her walls..a few prints or paintings would make a world of difference..I do love the wood floors and tiled bathroom...Other than adding a few is a nice apartment!

  15. Morgane has created such a personal space in her apartment, beautiful! I love her kitchen, the home she has designed doesn't feel small, it lives large. Love it.


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