Painting In The Dining Space Finished

I told you I was busy painting away in the dining space. Of course I got carried away and painted most everything but the floor. And luckily enough, I didn't do much of that this time around!

I was going for a softer look in here, since the space is so small and narrow.


It didn't exactly turn out as I had imagined. The hutch was supposed to look aqua. Instead it looks mint green. Not quite sure what to do about that.

I painted the coffee bar twice with a lighter paint, but it turned out too beige. So back I went to the store and got paint with more yellow in it. It was a golden color before. 

And as you can see, I painted the little pantry hutch as well. 

I did what I always do with the hardware. I find a cardboard box, or even just a bit of cardboard, and screw the hardware in from the bottom so I can get every bit of surface covered at one time. 

The little kitchen table I eat at is no longer gold either. I painted three pieces of furniture with this quart of paint.

No, I haven't decorated for fall. It's too blooming hot. I had to do the basket on the table for my monthly DIY team project last week. So I left it there.

But I guess the cow canvas is the star of the show here. 

I get emails from Farmhouse Wares. Once in awhile, I realize a fantastic deal, and I quickly order before the stock is gone. When it's gone, it's gone for good. 

The cow canvas is huge. 

I think the hutch looks a little more aqua here. Who am I fooling? It still looks like a green breath mint. 

First it was red. Then I went through my quick bohemian phase and it was teal, and is mint green.

And I'm not too happy with that so close to the green and cream curtains.

Decisions, decisions...

I guess the red and white dishes and pitchers will look okay up against most anything however. 

And speaking of dishes, I broke another precious one yesterday. Aren't they all precious to us decorator types? 

I said: "Enough is enough." 

You see I break something at least once per week. I'm a clumsy sort. 

So I knew I had a good amount of Wayfair points, and before I could talk myself out of it (telling myself yet again that I'd just be more careful), I got online and ordered some Corelle dishes. 

You remember those, don't you? The ones that are supposed to be unbreakable??? 

Well, it says they're very hard to break. That doesn't mean I won't somehow break them. 

So we shall see. 

I'm putting the paint brush up for awhile I think.


  1. Love your new paint refresh! Paint doesn't always turn out the way the chip looks. A blogger had posted a color that was a close match to Tiffany blue (one of my faves). Corelle is more difficult to break thank traditional pottery or porcelain. Also lighter to handle...

  2. I need some of your energy. The yellow looks great. I agree with you about the green hutch next to the curtains, but of course things always look different online than they do in person. It is really hot here too. W are supposed to get a little cool down over the next few days. That will be welcome. xo Laura

  3. I am almost done painting one thing, you are so productive!!

  4. My mil gave us corella dishes. I kept them for almost 20 years, so I think you should be able to get some mileage out of yours.

    I painted a cabinet turquoise using milk paint a couple of years ago. It remains my favorite piece. Don't spend money on a quart. Go to a craft store and get a small bottle and thin it down. You'll be surprised how just a wash of color will change things.

  5. It all looks great Brenda. Your paint refresh came out so nice. I love the color of the hutch with your dishes. That Cow pic is the star of the show. Love that!

  6. On my monitor, the color is a pale turquoise-my favorite! I would just "ignore" the olive in the curtains. Love the COW.....

  7. Aqua, mint, Turquoise.. all hard to get. I had that same problem when choosing colors for my aqua fabrics. But its lovely either way! Looks perfect with the red dinnerware!

  8. Ilikethe color. There are so many shades of that blue. I have mostly neutral colors with pops of Aqua. Could you add something to the curtains with a touch of that color.
    I drop things all the time. They don't usually break as they fall on my feet. They do hurt my feet.
    I love that cow.

  9. Just a thought....... Try's little stain on the cabinet. You could put a couple pieces in the cabinet the same color as the curtains.

  10. I don't mind painting, it is the set up and clean up I hate. So I procrastinate getting anything painted. On my computer your paint doesn't look mint green but not aqua either. I would enjoy it after all that work until I was ready for another change. Debbie

  11. I also painted something a while back what I thought was a light aqua color and it turned out to be a minty green color so I know your pain.

  12. I really like the Corelle you chose. I used Corelle until my kids moved out and now use my grandparent's dishes. It is very hard to break. Best of luck!

  13. I like the painting going on at your place, and color is hard to do but I know you'll get it right. Re: Corelle - oh yes you can break it. My son dropped one on the ceramic tile floor recently and that thing splintered into a billion pieces. Fortunately they're not too expensive!

  14. Colors come through differently sometimes on computers but it looks perfectly aqua from here. I love aqua and red together, too.

    I'm always inspired by your creativity.

  15. Your energy level in the heat is amazing. Everything looks so fresh and charming,so sit back, drink some iced tea and enjoy! xo

  16. And of course I absolutely LOVE the finished space!! The green breath mint color (ha ha!) looks great against the red, very 50's I think. Seriously, where do you find your energy? I hate painting, although I love the results.

  17. As a retired art teacher, let me just say all of those colors flow together well to my eye in a cool funky country kind of way. Please take that as a big compliment!
    I have a set of corelle that I still use daily. It's a very old set and I did manage to break one bowl and a plate over the years, but that stuff is pretty darn sturdy!

  18. Love it. Looks aqua in my pic. What kind of paint and what kind of brush did you use? I have put 5 coats of white paint on my grands bed and it still looks smudgy to me. Was a $25 quart of furniture paint from LOWES that was suppose to cover with one coat!!! Love your cow pic!

  19. You sure have been busy with all that painting! I personally like the minty green...I think it flows well in the room. Corelle...the GW I frequent always has sets of this dishware.

  20. Hi Brenda ☺ The space looks beautiful! You really did a wonderful job ♥

  21. I love all the colors together! Especially the aqua hutch with your red and white dishes. Aqua and red look stunning together, IMO!

  22. From the pictures you posted here, your hutch looks aqua to me! I don't see any green in it... just FYI. Looks great with the red dishes and those make it look even more aqua/teal! Love the softer colors of your cabinets and dining table too. You are so handy with the paint brush! Takes me weeks to finally get up the gumption and motivation to paint anything.

  23. you're so smart with that great idea for painting the hardware. Love the colors, you do it so well!

  24. I like your painted pieces. That cow picture is gorgeous! You sound like me with going through different phases in decorating. Paint is always a good way to make changes. I just painted some pieces in my home and I have to get used to the changes. I know one piece I'm happy with but the other one may need some tweaking.

  25. So freaking cute! You have such an eye for color and design.

  26. The red and white dishes look outstanding on the aqua/mint green hutch! All of the colors will be very cheery in the gray winter months. I like it all!

  27. I think it is all super cute and I love the cow!

  28. I love how when you get the urge to paint you just jump right in there and do have to think about for way to all look great and the little pantry looks aqua to me which looks great with the red dishes..I really like that pattern of Corelle..I've been thinking of getting Corelle myself...since my fingertips went numb I drop dishes a lot more too...

  29. I love the colors on your furniture, especially the yellow pieces! You are so good at coordinating bright colors!

  30. Looks pretty - nice redo. I have to laugh though cause I have a jar of aqua chalk paint I bought to paint with that I got when you last painted and I haven't used it yet. Wasn't that long ago though - a few months. I think it was a cabinet I admired that you had red dishes in. I can't keep up.


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