Best Pumpkin Decorating Tricks

Anderson + Grant took some cheap pumpkins and coated them with chalk paint.

Here's a glam pumpkin by Swell Designer.

Glitter pumpkins by Two Sisters Crafting.

Confetti pumpkins by Homey Oh My. (She used washi tape.)

A stenciled pumpkin by Martha Stewart.

*I'm getting some painting done myself. But it isn't a pumpkin. It's a piece of furniture. I will show you when I'm finished!


  1. I am so glad that September is here and we might actually cool off. It's been a beating this Summer, so I am looking for ideas just like these nifty pumpkins to cool off my mind and inspire me for Fall!
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. Jazzy pumpkins...never would have thought to go there...I like it!

  3. This is inspiring - I am going to gather my faux pumpkins from last Fall and paint them ALL white, then glue some shiny upholstery tacks I have had sitting around in their packages for years, onto one or two! Finally going to use them!!

  4. I love the glitter pumpkins. I am thinking about trying them ♥

  5. Great ideas, although I am not in the pumpkin mood yet. Today is a cooler day and I am enjoying having the windows open for a change before we heat back up on Monday. xo Laura

  6. Love the painted pumpkins...must remember that idea! Hope your furniture painting is going well....looking forward to seeing it. Have a great weekend, Brenda.
    Helen xox

  7. I love all of these pumpkins! So looking forward to fall days!

  8. These are all so I am anxious to see what you are painting!

  9. Every year I have such plans to show off pumpkins and they just end up being hacked to pieces and a candle plonked in the centre for Halloween! This year will be the year! I'm buying chalk paint tomorrow in readiness to recreate your first image :) Have a wonderful weekend x


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