Six On Saturday 9/24/16

Isn't this black and white kitchen banquette wonderful with all the windows?

What a gorgeous succulent wreath!

What a great use of driftwood for this DIY table centerpiece.

Fashion and style runs in continuous loops. Do you recall when these wicker chairs were really popular years ago?

I really love this kitchen.


  1. Happy Saturday Brenda. Ohhhhh I love that kitchen too! Have a great week end.

  2. I love that kitchen too. The floors and ceiling, along with the creamy white cabinets and marble counters, pretty much make it my dream kitchen.

  3. Great ideas!

    I think my favorite is the driftwood candle holder. I am loving simplicity these days.

  4. Happy Saturday,
    I love your blog. The kitchen is perfect. Have a great weekend.

  5. If you put the tiered fall decoration in the first photo on the counter of that kitchen in the last photo, then you'd really having a stunning look! The photo with the wicker chair looks like it could have come from a magazine in the late 70s. It needs a plant in a macramé hanger to finish the look! Thanks for these great photos.

  6. Love the two-tiered decoration...perfect nod to fall! Hope you're having a great weekend, Brenda!

  7. What a bright happy centerpiece..I do remember those wicker chairs...I had one..I called it my

  8. Great links Brenda! Have a great day!

  9. ...and I like the succulent wreath. I had one once. I killed it and I don't know how.

  10. That succulent wreath is stunning. Hope your weekend is going well Brenda! ~julie

  11. Weren't those wicker chairs called 'Pappasan chairs'?


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