Greatest Small Space Living Hacks

Utilize that empty space above furniture for book shelves. Every foot counts in a small space!

A pull-down spice rack would save you some valuable space.


A small space command center. Get everyone on track in this small space.


An adjustable over the sink cutting board would be mighty handy.

A shower caddy used to store fruit on the side of the cabinet.

A shelf that goes over your bathroom sink.

I love finding clever small space hacks for small space and apartment dwellers. And I'm one of them. It's fun and creative to think outside of the box!


  1. I especially loved using the shower caddy to store fruit! Clever! ;)

  2. Such fun storage ideas Brenda. I love the shower caddy for fruit and veggies too. The family command center is awesome too. Happy Labor Day.

  3. I love the idea of a pull-down spice rack♥

  4. Gave me some great ideas for my little house!

  5. Definitely using the shower caddy and over the sink cutting board. Than you!

  6. When I lived in a tiny apartment a few years back I had every space saving gadget I could find!! And you know what? It was super cozy and I loved it! My landlord, on the other hand? Not so much!!

  7. Hi Brenda ,, i love your house and you blog ,, you have a new follower


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