The Home Depot DIY Workshops

The DIH Workshop Virtual party will take place on Monday, 

September 12th, with a network of around 25 bloggers revealing 

their own customized versions of this workshop project. 

This is how it works:

The Home Depot sent the above photo of a rustic wheelbarrow to a

group of DIY bloggers.

The Team: 
Remodelando la Casa
Duke Manor Farm
Cozy Little House
Love Of Home 
Chatfield Court

Using the photo, we were told to give this rustic wheelbarrow our own unique spin, using materials from The Home Depot. 

Fall is coming soon, when everyone wants to put out seasonal decor. If you want to learn how to make this project, check with The Home Depot about a local workshop.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot

The Home Depot offers workshops at all of their locations for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels.

There are three types of workshops offered.

*Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
*Do-It-Herself (DIY)
*Children's Workshops

At The Home Depot workshops, you will learn how to build decor projects, make easy home repairs and be taught how to operate tools through demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.

Share your very own project through your social media channels using the hashtag:

So remember to tune in on Monday, September 12th at 1 p.m. to see 25 versions of this fun fall project. 

See ya then!

*I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this Workshops Program. As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.*


  1. Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with! :)

  2. This looks like a fun project♥

  3. Sure wish I had a Home Depot near my home! I can't wait to see what you ladies come up with for your Fall arrangements.

  4. This is something I would have loved to do if there was a Home Depot here. I will have to think of my own autumn project! xx

  5. That looks interesting. I really like that wheelbarrow. But isn't the 12th on Monday?


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