Creative DIY Team October Project: Tablescapes

This month our creative team project is tablescapes. We all live in various sized homes. So our tablescapes reflect who we are, what our style happens to be, and where we happen to live.

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Mine is just a simple tablescape, nothing lavish. This is how I live, plain and simple. This is small apartment living.

I have one table where I dine. It is small and has two chairs. 

The chairs were from Pier 1 and I've had them since I lived in Texas. They are indoor/outdoor chairs. 

I find that indoor/outdoor chairs are less expensive. Plus you get more bang for your buck, as you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Floral dishes from Marshalls. White dishes from Pier 1. Silverware from Pier 1.

In fact everything you see except for these old bottles I have had since my days in Texas. I found these old bottles at various places for a buck or two.

Who doesn't want a little candle action at the table? And I really mean little! Mine is a miniature cup and saucer with a small votive candle inside.

A blue and white tablecloth with leaf motifs seemed perfect for this time of year. I've always liked red, white and blue together.

Just across from my little table is of course this wall with my coffee bar, small pantry and cupboard where I keep dishes, etc.

Don't forget to go over and check out the rest of the team's projects.

See ya next month when we will have another theme to share with you!


  1. Pretty blue and white table Brenda!

  2. oh i love those blue and red floral dishes- they have a very cath kidson vibe!

  3. I love your floral dishes and bowls, Brenda! I also love to decorate with red, it's such a vibrant and happy color.

  4. Hi Brenda☺ I love the simplicity and beauty of your table♥

  5. Hi Brenda. Your table fits perfectly in your space...its all very cozy. I love those dishes, too.

    I signed up to get your posts by email...have you made changes? I haven't seen your posts come by email or on my feed.


  6. nothing wrong with simple and favorite way to eat. Lavish is over rated anyways!

  7. I love your tablescape! Red is my favorite color to decorate with.

  8. It looks so sweet your table. I have a small table also and enjoy setting a simple table. Love those flowered dishes!

  9. Your dining spot is perfect for you and I love those dishes.

  10. This is so pretty Brenda!...You just make everything you do look so nice...I've always loved those flowered & polka-dot dishes of yours too...They are just so cheerful!


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