Fine Print 10/18/16: Teens Texting While Driving

16-Year-Old Girl Dies While Texting On Her First Solo Drive

Savannah Nash of Harrisonville, MO had received her driver’s license less than a week before taking her first unaccompanied drive. She was apparently typing a text message while pulling onto a highway, where a semi truck smashed into her and killed her.

Did you know?

1 out of 4 car accidents in the US are caused by texting while driving.

Did you know?

Texting and driving is 6 times more likely to get you in an accident than drunk driving.

That's right. It is actually safer for someone to get wasted and drive than to text and drive.

Did you know?

Teen drivers have a 400% higher chance of being in a car crash while texting than adults.

Girl Posts That Driving And Facebooking Isn’t Safe, Crashes At 80MPH

Eighteen-year-old Taylor Sauer was making the four-hour trek between Utah State University and her parents’ home in Idaho in January 2012. According to police, she had been posting on Facebook every 90 seconds during her drive. 

Mere seconds after texting, “‘Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha,” she rear-ended a tanker truck at 80MPH and died instantly.

Did you know?

25% of teenagers respond to at least one text while driving.  

Did you know?

Every day, 11 teenagers die because they were texting while driving...

Girl Survives First Texting While Driving Accident, Dies in Second

Oakdale, California resident Bonnye Spray recently gave a presentation to a high school health class about her daughter, who got into two accidents texting while driving and was killed in the second accident.

Spray's daughter, Amanda Clark, got into her first accident in 2006 when she was broadsided by another driver and her car flipped three times. Fortunately, she survived the crash with only bruises and scrapes.

Spray said of the first accident:

"I thought this would be a wake up call for her. And it was for a short time. She wouldn’t talk on the phone, she was more cautious. 

"But she got more confident in her driving and a sense of  - 'Hey, I survived one, I’m invincible. Nothing is going to happen to me now.'"

Almost exactly one year later in 2007, Clark lost control of the car she was driving while on a highway. Cell phone records indicate that she was texting at the time.  

First responders said it took them 40 minutes to free Clark from the totaled car, and that she had not been breathing for 20 minutes by the time they got her out. She passed away the following day.

Spray gave the presentation as part of a program called Impact Teen Drivers, which is a collaboration between first responders, educators, health professionals and traffic safety advocates. 

The group educates high school students on proper driving safety etiquette. Especially the need to put cell phones away.  

Did you know?

A driver with three passengers in the car is three (3) times more likely to crash. 

Twelve (12) times more likely to crash when he/she reaches for a phone to check text messages. 

And sixteen (16) times more likely to crash when he/she tries to respond to a text message.

Excerpts From...Sources: The Modesto Bee / Photo Credit: The Charlotte Observer


  1. Texting while driving is such a tragedy for teens and adults alike. I see people in traffic sitting after the light has changed with their nose in the phone, thumbs flying. No communication is important enough to risk your life and the lives of those around you.

  2. I see young people texting while driving all the time. I've actually yelled out my car window (while they have their window down, too) to PUT DOWN THEIR PHONES! Shared to FB.

  3. Sobering thoughts and sadly so true...and with a 15-year old about to enter the fray, I preach and highlight and pray it will stick.

  4. Horrible stories, scary facts that we have all heard and know. They drill it into the kids' heads in driver's ed classes and at school, they see friends lost and they continue to reach for that phone...and their parents do too. I see it every day in the school lots. Middle age women who rant about teens texting and driving...are texting and driving. Disgusting and a danger to all. Great post Brenda.

  5. I saw a man swerve the other day. He was texting while driving and had a young child in the car. It made me so angry. xo Laura

  6. So terribly tragic. Anyone and everyone knows how dangerous it is...yet they continue to text & drive . It is selfish.

  7. This is so scary Brenda...while they are risking their lives doing this they are also risking the lives of all the drivers around them...

  8. Driving and texting is a deadly combination. I plan to share this with friends.

  9. Not just 46 year old son, who is a superintendent of schools, texts and drives. Also talks on phone, and looks up things on the computer. Worries me sick.


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