If It Bleeds, It Leads & Other Tidbits

The leaves are beginning to fall all over the patio. Once the branches are bare, I will have some work to do out there. 

I spent a day last week cutting back plants and doing some container and garden bed clean-up. 

After I did so, I can see green shoots coming back up. Maybe some of the plants have a bit of life in them yet before it gets cooler and we have a freeze that lay them down for the winter months.

Charlie has not pulled his stitches out yet, thank goodness. I make sure he is never alone. My poor little guy! We have about another 9-10 days before the vet will take them out. 

I SO hope this fixes that eye.

Right now Charlie wants to be near his mama, so watching him isn't all that hard. Where I go, he tends to follow.

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning, trying to make sure no dust floated Charlie's way. His eye is stitched closed, but I know my eyes always itch after I do some house cleaning. So I didn't want his eye to be irritated. 

Tulsa continues to have many homicides, I see online. I don't watch the news here. What news I get, I get online. 

I have completely avoided the presidential debates and I stopped watching the local news here years ago. Surely you know the old saying: If it bleeds, it leads. 

I just don't want to take part in the drama in this city.

I know there will be the usual murders and robberies because there always are, so I don't care to hear the latest as soon as it happens, in this age of immediate news.

I just don't understand all these people running around carrying guns. I know that is very controversial and some will get their dander up. 

But when someone has a gun and loses their temper, it's too easy to just pull it out and shoot someone in anger.

That very thing just happened here quite recently when someone was angered because a motorist in front of him was not going fast enough to suit him after at a stop sign. 

Now how senseless is that? Someone will likely probably spend their life in jail and others are dead. All because someone's temper flared and they had a gun handy. 

I don't think that is exactly a crime of passion. But one in which someone lost their temper and a gun was in their reach.

This is not the wild west, but you'd think it is. 

Do we really want our children to think that guns are the answer? 

I don't expect people to agree with me, as I know anything about guns make folks stomp their feet and dig in their heels.

I don't know what the answer is. But I don't think it is a gun in everyone's car, purse, or pocket. 

Agree or disagree. This is America, the land of the free, after all. 

Last month the Dollar General a few blocks from me was robbed at gun point.

A 92 year old woman was home napping without her hearing aid. Two men waltzed in, stole her credit cards and took off in her car. They then made some large purchases, and wrecked her car.

Police are saying it was probably good she didn't wake up while the men were in her home. I tend to agree with that.

A woman was abducted from one of the local casinos. Four men are believed to be involved in the abduction.

And a man was knifed after some men approached him, and he had no money to give them. So they stabbed him in the chest.

And that's just crime statistics from the past few days! I didn't read any farther, so anything else that happened, I'm not knowledgeable about.

Goodness, I didn't grow up in this kind of environment.

The other day I had to go to the Cox Cable store. And I wasn't even out of my car seat before a man rushed up to me and said he had a flat tire and was embarrassed, but really needed money. 

Now I have no problem helping someone in need.

I quickly scanned the parking lot of the shopping center, and didn't see a soul in sight. I know the danger women face when a stranger approaches. 

So I dug out what I had. Two dollars and a quarter. I gave it to him and he went away. 

Would you have given him money?

Of course I don't know if he really had a flat tire. And the money I gave him was negligible. But the fact of the matter is, women have to think of their safety first. 

For all I know he could have had a gun in his pocket and I could have been yet another statistic.


  1. It's like the Wild Wild West with the guns anymore :(

    Glad Charlie is ok thus far!

  2. Your post was sadly exciting today. I try not to watch news either. Maybe all people as they get older think the world is getting worse, but comparing this to my childhood in the 50s it is worse. On the other hand, my family is doing ok. Maybe we did not know about the other stuff because news was not so instant.
    Glad Charlie is cooperating.

  3. That is just scary, Brenda. If I were alone and no one was around I would have probably given him the money, too....unless I felt like I could gun the car and roar off.

    We live in some scary times and they are getting scarier by the minute. I, for one, will be so glad when all this election mess is over and decided one way or the other.

    Hope poor little Charlie's eye is perfect after all he has gone through. xo Diana

  4. I'm surprised this post doesn't have a ton of comments already. I suspect that will change. ;)

    Brenda, I couldn't agree with you more. I think most of us can site a situation in our lives where we were so angry if we had a gun things would have turned out differently. The old argument of 'if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns' is just that. Old. Our system is not working, and as long as we value the almighty dollar over human lives, it won't be fixed. I'm afraid that applies to everything, including health care. But that's a whole other story.

    My friend was over from NY this week for a few days. While she was here she received a call that her niece, who lives in Vegas, was brutally attacked in a parking lot. She entered her car and was looking at her phone and the next thing she knew a man opened the door, threw her on the ground and beat her, punching her in the face and kicking her. He wanted her car keys but couldn't find them, then just took her phone and ran. She's going to be ok thankfully, but it was extremely traumatic.

    The takeaway on that is always be aware of your surroundings, and lock your car as soon as you get inside.

    It's a crazy world we live in.

    (You may want to check your post title).

  5. Brenda, he could have had a KNIFE in his pocket, as well. Knives are also dangerous. He could have had a hammer, hooked to a back pocket of his pants, with which he could have also done you harm...
    I was approached, here in Texas, 2 weeks ago Friday by a man when I was loading my groceries at 4PM into the back of my little red pickup at a WalMart parking lot. He pulled up beside my drivers side door so close that I could not have gotten in, with his window down on his driver's side, in a beautiful, brand-new-looking black SUV.His spiel was that he was embarrassed but was out of money and needed some to buy gas so he could get back to Dallas where he lived with his senior citizen parents, who were too old to drive 45 miles south and bring him money. I was quite shocked as he pulled up so fast and furious and I asked him if he didn't have a credit card and he said he didn't. I said I usually didn't carry loose money with me but would look and I looked through my billfold, far enough away that he couldn't reach me. I told him I was sorry but had no money on me but suggested he go by the police station where I was sure the police would help him. He said, "Right!" and drove off in a huff. Wow! I was scared AFTERWARD, when I told my family and they said I should have pressed my alarm on my car keys and started running for the WalMart door.

  6. I just want you to know you are making a YUGE impact on me this week with your posts. I've watched that TED talk, and am unsettled on behalf of someone close to me (tiny voice speaking here). I am trying desperately to stay friends with all those who feel the need to use FB every day to preach their politics (I have unfollowed a few, a soft unfriending).
    As for the guy at the parking lot...how scary! I just don't know what I would've done until I would've been in that situation. The same is true of our little town.....this is not how it used to be, and it does feel a bit like the wild, wild west. People just want to take what they want, whether it's theirs or not, and don't care how.

  7. Guess what!!! I don't watch the new either and especially not the Tulsa news! They always report the worst and never, ever, tell the whole story.

    I hope Charlie continues to leave those stitches alone! Poor sweet little boy.

    Grace & Peace,

  8. How awful, sad news everywhere lately.


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