Six On Saturday 10/29/16

The pretty photo of this kitchen just spoke to me.

Isn't this bathroom lovely?

I like these shelves on the wall.

What a beautiful time of year for an outdoor picnic.

I was instantly drawn to this gold mirror.

What a welcoming way to greet your guests.


  1. Great list for the week! I love that mirror too! And I recognize the beautiful outdoor Halloween decor from one of my favorite blogs! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your Six-on-Saturday, Brenda....lots of inspiration!
    I would certainly love walking up to Courtney's house!

  3. Nice Six...I especially like the welcome sign on the tree and the fall arrangement is very eye-catching.

  4. Love the photos & ideas - if I only had some extra cash. 🤑

  5. I've had fun visiting your choices, Brenda. Thanks!

  6. Love all the yummy inspiration you've shared this week, Brenda!

  7. Love your six, Brenda! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  8. I like those orange dishes in the first picture and I have a vintage picnic basket just like the one in picture four...


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