Slice Of Life Sunday 10/16/16

slice of life...
n. pl. slices of life
An episode or actual experience represented realistically and with little alteration in a dramatic, fictional, or journalistic work


  1. Happy Sunday Brenda. Beautiful captures. Have a great start to the new week.

  2. I really like the pic of the train tracks.

  3. Beautiful slices of life there, Brenda. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  4. The white vase full of roses on the red books looks like a photo of a painting, Brenda - so beautiful! You should have it blown up at Walgreens on canvas and hang it in your house...

    1. Actually it IS a painting! And I didn't see my streaks from cleaning either.

  5. How does one take a picture of railroad tracks and make it look beautiful and others, like me, take the same picture and it looks just like railroad tracks? do you know what I mean?

  6. Lovely slice of life shots, Brenda! :) I love the railroad tracks!


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